Driverless Lorries Will Hit the M6 This Year

It sounds sort of terrifying, doesn’t it? In his Budget speech this month, George Osborne is expected to confirm that driverless lorries will hit UK roads later this year. According to reports, they’ll be trialled on ‘a quiet stretch’ of the M6 in Cumbria. Read More >>

Meridian’s M6 Speaker Is Definitely Compensating For Something “Down There”

Some speaker designs are simply hideous; others just don’t even seem to have made an effort. Then again, you get absolutely beautiful speaker designs that sound god-awful too. Meridian Audio is trying to bridge the good-looking but great-sounding gap with its British-designed-and-built M6 speakers. Read More >>

350Kg Stainless Steel "Fake Leicas" Aren’t Fooling Anybody

Leicas have some of the most-recognisable and most-duplicated features of any camera, but they've never been recreated quite like this. Read More >>