iPhone A7 Chip Teardown: Power-Dense Samsung Silicon

We've already seen inside the iPhone 5S and found out that its guts are blisteringly fast—but now iFixit has taken a very close look indeed at the A7 silicon that powers the new phone. Read More >>

Watch HTC’s CEO Rally The Troops With a Bizarre “M7” Chant

That rumoured M7 phone? The new HTC flagship? It definitely exists, and "M7" is definitely its name. That is, if HTC's super-enthusiastic, chant-leading CEO has anything to say about it. Read More >>

The HTC M7 Will Probably Arrive In London On February 19th

If you've been looking forward to seeing what HTC's got up its flagship phone-shaped sleeve, we've got good news: HTC's holding an event in London on February 19th to launch what's probably the incoming M7. Is there's going to be a new King of the Androids wandering about before MWC? Looks like it. Read More >>

HTC One M7
Are These the First Pictures of HTC’s New Flagship Phone?

Android Police is reporting that this leaked photo depicts HTC's rumoured new flagship phone, the M7. It doesn't match up with previous leaked renders—but these seem more plausible. Read More >>

HTC M7 render
This Is Apparently What the HTC M7 Flagship Phone Will Look Like

According to Evleaks, on UnwiredView, this is a render from a start-up video for the much-rumoured HTC M7. The new flagship will apparently pack a 4.7-inch 1080p screen, along with a 1.7GHz quad-core chip backed by 2GB of RAM and LTE. If it ends up looking anything like the render with those specs, HTC might have a winner on its hands here. Read More >>

Rumour: HTC’s New M7 1080p-Monster Flagship Phone Will Turn Up at CES

According to some apparently leaked specs, HTC's incoming M7 will be a 4.7-inch 1080p monster with an insane 469PPI, and come packing a 1.7GHz quad-core chip backed by 2GB of RAM, plus a 13MP shooter. Well, now the latest rumour says we'll get to see it as early as next week at CES. Hopefully it'll be HTC back at its best. [Twitter via TechRadar] Read More >>

HTC’s M7 is 2013’s High-Spec, 1080p Android Flagship

Some leaked tech specs supposedly tell us what to expect from HTC's flagship Android model for 2013, with the phone maker apparently set to launch a 4.7" model with a 1080p display. Read More >>

350Kg Stainless Steel "Fake Leicas" Aren’t Fooling Anybody

Leicas have some of the most-recognisable and most-duplicated features of any camera, but they've never been recreated quite like this. Read More >>