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Leaked Demo Videos Show HTC’s New Flagship One M9 Phone Up Close and in Action

We already had a pretty good idea what HTC's next flagship smartphone, the One M9, is going to look like (spoiler alert: a lot like it's last flagship). But now, demo videos have leaked, on top of everything else. You can bet this is the real thing. Read More >>

Would You Buy This HTC One M9 Concept if it Was the Real Deal?

A clever person has knocked up a render of his fantasy telephone, creating the HTC One M9 in 3D video format. The maker has even guessed at some likely tech specs so clearly has quite the imagination. Read More >>

350Kg Stainless Steel "Fake Leicas" Aren’t Fooling Anybody

Leicas have some of the most-recognisable and most-duplicated features of any camera, but they've never been recreated quite like this. Read More >>