You Can Now Play Piano on the MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar

Since the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar was released, we’ve seen a handful of fun apps that take advantage of the new hardware feature. Now we have the most logical toy app for the Touch Bar: a piano. Read More >>

Mac BitTorrent Client Transmission Gets Infected With Malware Again

For the second time in five months, the Transmission BitTorrent client for Mac has been infected with malware. Read More >>

Clear for Mac: The Best iPhone To-Do List Comes to Your Desktop

Released last spring, Clear is one of the slickest apps to be released for the iPhone this year. Now the beautiful, intuitive gesture UI that made it a hit on a touchscreen comes to your Mac. Read More >>

If You’ve Got a Mac, Grab Crossover For Free Right Now

Codeweavers is giving away the fantastic Crossover free today only. It allows you to run Windows programs on your Mac without having to install a virtual machine or boot-camping it up. It's great for games, and that odd bit of Windows software you need to run. Grab it now, while its free. [Codeweavers] Read More >>

Here Are All the Retina-Optimised Mac Apps Available Right Now

If your eyes are blessed with looking at the pixel dense Retina Display MacBook Pro, you'd know the scorching ugly hell of non-Retina optimised Mac apps. It's so awful—way more scarring than non-retina iOS apps—that you wouldn't want to use those non-Retina apps anymore. So here's how to find all the apps optimised for your MacBook Pro with Retina Display. Read More >>

This OS X Wallpaper Knows Where You Are

Satellite Eyes is a smart OS X app that changes you desktop wallpaper to an aerial view of where you are, each time you change locations. Read More >>

This Is What Tweetbot, the Best Twitter Client on the iPhone, Looks Like On the Mac

We'd heard rumours that Tweetbot was making its way to the Mac. Now we have conclusive proof, and a sneak peek at what it'll actually look like too, thanks to one of Tapbot's developers and his new Retina Display MacBook Pro. Read More >>

TieSight Instructs You in the Art of Constructing Cravats

Can't tell a Half-Windsor from a Full-Nelson? Doesn't matter — this new Mac App will show you how to properly knot a silk strangler. Read More >>