Rejoice! The New MacBook Air Is Repair-Friendly… Kind Of

If you’ve ever listened to an Apple hater rant about why Macs suck, chances are you’ve heard those “You can’t repair or upgrade it yourself!” arguments. But with the new MacBook Air and Mac mini, Apple seems like it’s ready to toss Mac diehards a smal but welcome bone. Read More >>

Here’s All the Stuff Apple Announced Today

Apple’s second launch event this fall brought with it few surprises, with no talk of that long-awaited Mac Pro revamp, nor an overdue update on whatever the hell is happening with AirPower. But many of the rumours did pan out today as Apple breathed new life into its outdated Mac Mini and brought Face ID to the iPad Pro. For all you skimmers out there, here’s a rundown of all the stuff Apple announced. Read More >>

Apple Brings Mac Mini Back From the Dead

Apple’s little desktop PC is no longer just a punchline. Today the company took the wraps off a revamped Mac Mini, replacing its underpowered parts with new, 8th generation quad- and 6-core processors options, up to 64GB of memory, up to a 2TB SSD, a T2 security chip, 10GB ethernet, and four Thunderbolt 3 ports. With the upgrades, Apple is bumping its longstanding $500 starting price up to $800—but you won’t find face-melting specs without paying even more. Read More >>

What’s Going to Happen at Apple’s iPad and MacBook Event Next Week?

A month after Apple revealed a new smartwatch and a new iPhone lineup that finally does away with the home button once and for all, the company will hold a follow-up event next week that’s tag-lined, “There’s more in the making.” A new, home button-less iPad Pro seems likely, but what else does Apple have planned to round out 2018? Read More >>

Lego Macintosh Is a Miniature Classic That Actually Kind of Works

There’s something about combining Lego and old Macintosh computers that is just irresistible for hobbyists. The latest edition to the canon is a cute little version of the Macintosh Classic from 1990 that uses a Raspberry Pi and an e-ink display to make it partially function. Best of all, you can have one on your desk because its creator has detailed how he built it. Read More >>

Apple Sneakily Hikes Price of Existing Mac Range

Apple’s MacBook event is now wrapped up, and a whole host of new and shiny MacBooks have been announced - thinner and more powerful than ever, with a couple of new fancy gizmos too - most notably the interactive Touch Bar that replaces those awfully outdated function buttons. Read More >>

Mac Mini 2014 Teardown: Minor Tweaks and Major Upgrade Headaches

We're glad to know that the Mac Mini is back — but has it changed much inside? Fortunately, iFixit has torn the sucker apart to find out what lurks within. Read More >>

You Can’t Upgrade the RAM in the New Mac Mini

Good news: the Mac Mini is back! Bad news: there's no way you're going to be upgrading the RAM yourself. Read More >>

The New Mac Mini is the Most Energy Efficient Mac Ever

It really has been too long since we saw an update to the Mac Mini, the last time we saw one was in 2012. Apple must think it's been a long time as well because it's announced that the Mac Mini will be getting an update. Read More >>

A New Mac Mini May Land Alongside the iPad Air 2 in October

Remember the Mac Mini? The nifty little computers from Apple that aren't MacBooks, iMacs or Mac Pros? Sure, you're forgiven if you can't -- it has been two years since Apple last gave them much thought to be fair. But the diminutive computer may be getting a long-overdue refresh this year, according to sources speaking with Mac Rumors. Read More >>

Mac Mini Refresh Hinted at by Apple Boot Camp Listing Error

One of Apple's support pages has made mention of a 2014 update of the missing-presumed-abandoned Mac Mini line, with a "Mid 2014" variant of the hardware appearing inside a list of supported devices. It soon disappeared again. Read More >>

Apple TV with keyboard
The Apple TV Has Just Taken One Massive Step Towards Becoming a Mini Mac Under Your TV

There's no doubt the Apple TV is an "intense area of interest" for Cupertino, Tim Cook said so himself. In fact, the Apple TV could be the future of Apple right there in that tiny little puck. With iOS 6.1, the plucky mini black box just took a massive step forward: you can now hook up a keyboard to it. Are apps and Safari next? Read More >>

lightning review
Mac Mini Review: Apple’s Tiny Computer Is Finally Worth Your Time

The Mac Mini has always been that runt you might buy if you couldn't afford any other Apple computer. Which is to say: it was the Apple computer you bought when you should've picked up a budget Dell or something. No longer. The 2012 model is a fantastic, affordable, and small. Read More >>

Why Is Apple Losing Its Touch?

What happened to "it just works"? Apple used to be the king of simplicity. With products you could buy, update, and use without any real technical knowledge. Recently, Apple seems to be losing it, with bricking updates, pulled software, and delayed 'special builds' that don't make it out in time. This isn't the Apple we're used to. Read More >>

Holy Sh*t, Apple’s Fusion Drive Is Quick

When Apple announced Fusion Drive, we expected it to be quick. But TLDToday has performed some speed tests, comparing a new Mac mini to its predecessor, and the results are pretty amazing. Read More >>