Hand Stitching Every Pixel in the Original Mac OS Control Panel Took This Master Crafter Six Months

Instead of a quaint “Home Sweet Home” cross-stitch pattern hanging in her living room, iOS and game developer Glenda Adams has a pixel-perfect recreation of the original Mac OS control panel, which she painstakingly hand-stitched over six months. Read More >>

All the New Features Coming in macOS 10.14 Mojave

After a year that saw multiple macOS security issues, WWDC has finally arrived, and with it, Apple has a chance to address these concerns while also adding some helpful new features to the next version of its desktop operating system. So here’s everything coming in the next version of macOS version 10.144 Mojave. Read More >>

Report: All Intel Processors Made in the Last Decade Might Have a Massive Security Flaw

There’s small screwups and big screwups. Here is tremendously huge screwup: Virtually all Intel processors produced in the last decade have a major security hole that could allow “normal user programs—from database applications to JavaScript in web browsers—to discern to some extent the layout or contents of protected kernel memory areas,” the Register reported on Tuesday. Read More >>

Everything Apple Messed Up This Year

People like to believe that Apple is a company that never makes mistakes. Never has that logic been so obviously flawed as it was in 2017. This year, it seemed like Apple couldn’t make it through a single week without some big, embarrassing screw up. So, for the sheer joy of it, we made a list. Read More >>

Here’s an Apple Watch Running a 20-Year-Old Version of Mac OS

When it comes to hacks, the question is most often “can I or can’t I” instead of “why?” Because if you try to find a practical reason for why someone would get the 24-year-old Mac OS 7.5.5— aka System 7 — running on an Apple Watch, you’re going to come up empty. Read More >>

Mac OS on Microsoft Surface RT
Microsoft Surface Gets Jailbroken, Only to Run Mac OS

Microsoft's iron grip over what can and can't run on the Surface RT has been broken. Now you can turn the Surface into the iPad we've always wanted, running full-blown Mac OS. Read More >>

What If iOS Looked Like the Original Mac OS?

One of the iPhone's most striking qualities is iOS' beautiful interface. Still, I love this conceptual rendering of iOS made to look like the OS on the original Macs. Read More >>