Apple’s £360 Computer Wheels Don’t Lock

At least one person may have paid for the £360 wheels that add a layer of luxurious transportability to Apple's potentially house-priced supercomputer, as it's been discovered that the wheels do not have locks on them – so your vastly expensive machine may trundle about the floor by itself. It may move from optimum placement to non-optimum placement if the cleaner forgets your very precise instructions and bumps it with the vacuum. Read More >>

Adding Wheels to Apple’s New Mac Pro Costs £360

Apple’s new Mac Pro and 32-inch 6k Pro Display XDR, whose base models retail at £5,500 and £5,000 respectively, are available for sale now. Much hullabaloo has been made about how the display requires the additional purchase of a £950 Pro Stand or £189 VESA mount adapter, but the Mac Pro maxes out at a jaw-dropping £48,088 including all possible accessories and upgrades including 28-core Intel Xeon CPUs, 1.5TB of ECC RAM, 8TB of SSD storage, and two AMD Radeon Pro Vega II Duo graphics cards with 64GB of HBM2 memory each. Read More >>

You Can Order Apple’s Mac Pro and Its Killer Display This Week

Apple’s much-anticipated beast of a machine, the Mac Pro, and its corresponding badass new display, the Pro Display XDR, will be available to order on 10 December, per a promo the company emailed to customers. Read More >>

Apple Risks Infuriating the White House as It Reportedly Moves Assembly of Mac Pro to China

Back in 2012, it was a Big Deal when Apple decided to assemble the Mac Pro in Austin, Texas. Fast forward seven years, and now it seems Apple will manufacture the new Mac Pro will be built in China, according to the Wall Street Journal. Read More >>

Can The Mac Pro Actually Grate Cheese?

One of the biggest reveals of WWDC 2019 was the new Mac Pro. Read More >>

Is the New Mac Pro Worth the Apple Tax?

The Mac Pro is a statement. With a vented case that calls to mind a kitchen tool, it’s a homage to and advancement of the Power Mac G5 that fans affectionately likened to a cheese grater. Sporting a current generation Xeon processor, it’s an Apple device that seems to have finally launched on time and in step with its competitors. Still, the paltry GPU and SSD that comes with the $6,000 (~£4,700) base model seems incongruous with the rest of its industry-leading design. To the point that I kept asking myself as I walked through the showroom Apple had set up to show off the device, would it be worth the high price Apple products command? Read More >>

Everything Apple Announced Yesterday

It’s not uncommon for Apple’s annual developer conference to start a little sleepily. That was not the case yesterday, as Tim Cook and friends made significant announcements including the death of a legendary app and the birth of a brand new computer. It actually felt a little bit exhilarating. Read More >>

The Mac Pro Cheese Grater Is Back (And It Looks Powerful as Hell)

It’s been over a year since Apple last teased the Mac Pro, a major refresh to its traditionally priciest and most powerful computer. And finally—finally! The successor to the “trashcan” is here and it looks a lot like a cheese grater (it also looks like it’s potentially very powerful). Read More >>

An Overhauled MacPro Is Finally Coming Next Year, No Matter What Anybody Thinks

Four years after the launch of the trashcan shaped MacPro, Apple has finally, slyly, announced a new MacPro. The news comes via John Gruber of Daring Fireball: Read More >>

New MacBook, Pro, Air or Mini: Which Apple Mac Should You Buy?

So that shiny gold New MacBook has kicked you into "buy a new Mac" mode? (If not, why are you here?) If so, Apple would be delighted to oblige – after all, it has models ranging from £399 all the way to £7,779, if you would be so bold, from super-light laptops to industrial powerhouses. So long as your budget is "at least £399", there’s plenty of choice here to suit every budget. Read More >>

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Watch a New Mac Pro Full of C4 Explosive Blowing Up in Slow Motion

RatedRR has taken their gadget torture from shooting at things to blowing them with C4 (a plastic explosive) and detonation cord. The victim will make Apple fanboys weep: a new shiny Mac Pro. The results are obviously spectacular -- but perhaps even more impressive is how hard the Mac Pro is. Read More >>

Is this Mix Between the Mac Pro and the iMac Awesome or Just Crazy

This is the iPro, a mix between the iMac and the Mac Pro. It has a 35-inch (88.9cm) display and touch controls to make the screen lean. The concept is by Swiss designer Kurt Merki Jr. Madness or genius? You decide. Read More >>

Mac Pro Teardown: An Apple Rig You Can Actually Tinker With

It looks like a waste paper bin, costs a fortune and is, perhaps, the best workstation you've ever owned. But what lurks beneath that shiny black shell? Read More >>

A Fully-Pimped Mac Pro Costs £11,689

Chump change, huh? But what's inside the priciest bit of kit currently in Apple's stores? Read More >>