Okay, Which MacBook Should You Actually Buy

You are in the market for a laptop. You are aware that Windows and Chrome OS laptops are cheaper and are now just as well crafted and designed as Apple ones. You do not care. You want an Apple laptop. As an avowed user of the platform for 20-plus years, I support this decision to spend more money than you should to use a wonderful OS on some nicely designed hardware. But the question is which laptop do you buy? Read More >>

The New MacBook Air Is Boring and Too Expensive

The MacBook Air is an icon: A wedge-shaped computer fashioned from a block of aluminium into a device so thin it can fit in a paper envelope. But other laptop makers have riffed on Apple’s idea in the last ten years. Instead of aluminium (or in the case of the new Air: recycled aluminium), some companies are using materials like magnesium, carbon fibre, and even leather. Apple’s iconic design is now old, and Apple’s commitment to it makes the new MacBook Air a fine laptop that millions of people will buy. But maybe they shouldn’t. Read More >>

Rejoice! The New MacBook Air Is Repair-Friendly… Kind Of

If you’ve ever listened to an Apple hater rant about why Macs suck, chances are you’ve heard those “You can’t repair or upgrade it yourself!” arguments. But with the new MacBook Air and Mac mini, Apple seems like it’s ready to toss Mac diehards a smal but welcome bone. Read More >>

Oh Come On, Apple Could Have Made the ‘New’ MacBook Air Years Ago

There’s this weird sort of fervour that surrounds the MacBook Air that I’ve never fully understood. Sure, when Steve Jobs pulled the first one out of a manilla envelope in 2008, it was cool as hell. But in the 10 years since then, Apple’s once industry-leading laptop was neglected and abandoned to the point that it became a running joke. Read More >>

The New MacBook Air Has Made the MacBook a Terrible Buy

Apple has finally updated the MacBook Air. And with the many updates to the MacBook Air, the regular MacBook is looking like a real bad buy. Read More >>

Here’s All the Stuff Apple Announced Today

Apple’s second launch event this fall brought with it few surprises, with no talk of that long-awaited Mac Pro revamp, nor an overdue update on whatever the hell is happening with AirPower. But many of the rumours did pan out today as Apple breathed new life into its outdated Mac Mini and brought Face ID to the iPad Pro. For all you skimmers out there, here’s a rundown of all the stuff Apple announced. Read More >>

Please Put the MacBook Air Out of Its Misery

Without fail when someone tells me they are going to buy a MacBook Air, I will cringe and reach for them – begging them not to make such a poor decision. The MacBook Air is a decrepit dinosaur – a relic of another time – and when Apple announces a new wave of devices on Tuesday, it will hopefully, finally, kill the Air. Or at least refresh the damn thing. Read More >>

How the MacBook Air Changed Laptops Forever

When Apple launched the MacBook Air at the end of January 2008, it was an overpriced marvel of design and tech. The laptop, a silvery sliver of machined aluminium, was .76 inches at its thickest and weighed less than three pounds. In an impractical but effective on-stage demonstration, Steve Jobs unveiled the the £1,500 computer by removing it from a manilla interoffice envelope to demonstrate just how svelte it really was. “What is the MacBook Air?” he asked while pacing the stage. “In a sentence, it’s the world’s thinnest notebook.” Read More >>

Apple Might Finally—FINALLY—Kill the MacBook Air

Just in time for its tenth anniversary, Apple might finally be killing the MacBook Air, according to a new report from Digitimes. If this is true, it’d be the first axeing of a laptop line from Apple since the iBook and Powerbook were axed back in 2006. It would also be about damn time. Read More >>

What to Expect From Apple WWDC 2017: iOS, iPads, MacBooks, and More

On Monday, Apple’s annual developer conference, WWDC, kicks off, and that means we will soon learn more about the company’s newest and most exciting products. This year the event runs from June 5-9 and is expected to serve as the launching point for major updates to iOS and macOS, as well as some new hardware. Read More >>

The Pricey Touch Bar-Free MacBook Pro Wants to Be Your Next MacBook Air

The MacBook Air was Apple’s everyman computer, but as it slowly sunsets that notebook, we’re looking to Apple for a new vision of the do-everything laptop. The MacBook Air was the computer that businesses issued to their employees, the notebook college students bought, and the laptop you saw littered across coffee shops throughout America. The MacBook, because of its price-to-performance ratio, hasn’t quite hit that sweet spot. But the new MacBook Pro without Touch Bar could. This is your MacBook Air replacement, and it’s going to cost you. Read More >>

Where the Hell Are the New MacBooks?

Apple has been moving out of the computer business for a while. Where once the WWDC keynote would have revolved around OS X (just renamed macOS), now the event is the iOS show. Read More >>

The Best MacBook Cases: Air, Pro Retina and New MacBook Accessories

We tend to focus on phone cases here on Giz UK when doing these accessory round-ups. But with the new MacBook fresh off Tim Cook's production line, and MacBook Airs and Retina Pros being the popular machines that they are, we thought it high time to highlight some of the nicer cases and carriers with which to shroud your hallowed Apple laptop. These are the MacBook cases you should be looking at, whichever fruity machine you've picked up Read More >>

New MacBook, Pro, Air or Mini: Which Apple Mac Should You Buy?

So that shiny gold New MacBook has kicked you into "buy a new Mac" mode? (If not, why are you here?) If so, Apple would be delighted to oblige – after all, it has models ranging from £399 all the way to £7,779, if you would be so bold, from super-light laptops to industrial powerhouses. So long as your budget is "at least £399", there’s plenty of choice here to suit every budget. Read More >>