What Apple’s Rumoured Big Change Could Mean for the Future of the Mac

Apple’s Mac computers have gone through just two major CPU architecture transitions in their entire history: moving from Motorola 68k to PowerPC processors in 1994, and then switching from PowerPC to Intel x86 chips in 2005. Based on recent reports (and nearly half a decade of rumours), it appears Apple is on the precipice of a third major transition, with strong expectations that Apple will announce the first ARM-based Mac next week at WWDC 2020. Read More >>

The ARM is Nigh

As far as Apple rumours go, the one that says ARM-powered Macs are coming isn’t particularly new. That said, whenever analyst Ming-Chi Kuo weighs in, rumours start to take on new shape given his track record of accurately calling trends. Kuo is now saying that Apple plans to launch several laptops and desktops with custom ARM chips in 2021, according to MacRumors. Read More >>

Apple’s Subliminal MacBook Display Messaging Makes You BUY BUY BUY

Anyone who's paid any attention over the past decade or so will know that Apple is like the anti-Burger King. Things are done Apple's way, and what everyone wants is (mostly) out of the question. The perfect example of that in action is Apple declaring that all Apple Store MacBooks' displays must be kept at a 76-degree angle. Read More >>

Why Can’t They Make the MacBook Charger Any Smaller?

When you stop to think about it, it's pretty crazy what technology lets us do everyday. We all have tiny super computers in our pockets. We send people to do crazy science in space like its nothing. So why can't we just make MacBook power adapters a little bit smaller. It's a question worth asking. Read More >>

You’ve Been Wrapping Your MacBook Charger Wrong This Whole Time

Did you know there's a right and a wrong way to wrap your MacBook charger? Curl it up in a ball, and it'll probably break eventually. But wrap it like you see in the picture above, and it's going to last a whole lot longer. Read More >>

Apple Patent Could Bring TouchID Fingerprint Sensor to iPads and MacBooks

The next generation of MacBook laptops and iPad tablets could be opened with a scan of a fingerprint (or nipple-print, or toe-print , or sausage-print), as Apple's TouchID patent looks ready to cover a wider range of the Cupertino firm's products. Read More >>

Laser-Cut MacBook Lids Are More Stunning Than Stickers

Visit any tech-heavy conference and you're bound to find a sea of MacBooks covered in clever decals playing up the glowing Apple logo on the lid. But a sticker only offers so much customisation; if you really want your hardware to stand out you need to take things to the next level with a custom-cut Uncover replacement lid. Read More >>

The New MBP Retina Display Blows the Doors Off Its Competition

Apple unveiled its newest batch of MacBook Pros today at WWDC, the ones sporting the new Retina displays. And yes, in terms of performance, next-generation MBPs beat the competition like a pack of rented mules. Read More >>

11-Year-Old Criminal Pees on £22,000’s Worth of MacBooks

Our society's moral fabric continues to tear: a Pennsylvanian boy has been charged with "institutional vandalism and criminal mischief" after destroying a cartful of MacBooks. With his own peepee. Read More >>