Google’s New Tool Means You, Too, Can Draw

Being creative requires two big elements: idea and execution. It's immensely frustrating being the kind of person who has great ideas but can't make them happen, especially if you don't have an orchestra of talented minions to conduct like Steve Jobs. Read More >>

These Self-Learning Robot Arms Teach Each Other How to Pick Up Unfamiliar Objects

It’s all but certain that human workers in factories and fulfilment centres are a dying breed. The last nail in their coffin might be a new robotic arm from a company called RightHand Robotics that’s not only able to teach itself how to pick up objects it’s never handled before, but it can also share what it learns with other robot arms around the world. Read More >>

Turn Doodles Into Furry Cat Monsters With Machine Learning Algorithm

If you’re a miserable drawer, have no fear — a new website takes your doodles and, using a machine learning algorithm, turns them into cats. Or nightmares. Read More >>

Is YouTube Mining Videos for Products to Sell You?

Machine learning is a big deal for Google - so it is no wonder that the company is trying to add an extra layer of intelligence into everything it does. And it appears that YouTube advertising is the latest beneficiary of the technology. Read More >>

How Migrating Birds Can Soar To Such Great Heights

Migratory birds can glide over very long distances with minimal wing-flapping, thanks to their strategic use of rising warm air currents. A new study has found that the birds use two basic sensory cues, combined with reinforcement learning algorithms (RLA), to navigate this turbulent environment. Read More >>

DIY Camera Spits Out Someone Else’s Photos Instead of Yours

Some say there’s no such thing as a new idea, which is just a nice way of saying that humans are a staggeringly unoriginal bunch. But a nifty, homemade Raspberry Pi-powered “camera” takes this idea and turns it on its head. Read More >>

Computers Suck at Poetry

A poetic Turing test was held at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire this week to pit artificial intelligence against human poets, AP reported. Good news: the computers lost. Read More >>

game of thrones
This Game of Thrones Algorithm Predicts All of the Characters’ Deaths

It really is a wonder that Game of Thrones has any major characters left. It seems to break our hearts on a weekly basis, but still we keep coming back for more. If the shock of spilt blood is too much for you -- you’re really watching the wrong show -- the Game of Thrones death-predicting algorithm should give you plenty of warning before the axe falls. Read More >>

Microsoft’s New AI Writes Captions For Your Photos—and It’s Pretty Good

Microsoft just launched a new online app that offers to try and understand the contents of your photographs and write captions for them. And it’s surprisingly impressive. Read More >>

Play With the Inner Workings of a Neural Network

Neural networks are a fundamental part of artificial intelligence; that is, software systems that train themselves to make sense of the human world. But if you want to understand how they work at a basic level, a cool new website allows you to get under the hood. Read More >>

Artificial Intelligence Sheds New Light on the Origins of the Bible

Some 2,600 years ago, a band of Judahite soldiers kept watch on their kingdom’s southern border in the final days before Jerusalem was sacked by Nebuchadnezzar. They left behind numerous inscriptions — and now, a groundbreaking digital analysis has revealed how many writers are behind them. The research and innovative technology behind it stand to help us learn about the origins of the Bible itself. Read More >>

Sick Swordfighting Skills Keep This Drone From Crashing

Obstacle detection and avoidance is one area in which drones fail utterly, which is too bad because human pilots just aren’t that good at flying them. The obvious solution? Teach a drone to think like fencer. Read More >>

This Google Dream Bot-Inspired Artwork is Mind Blowing

Last summer, the internet was overrun with six-eyed dog faces, human legs that are actually slugs, and other images reminiscent of the day you ate magic mushrooms and feverishly explored your kitchen floor. In fact, these were the dreams of an AI developed by Google. And it was only a matter of time before the technology inspired new forms of art. Read More >>