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This Wire-Bending Machine is Stupefyingly Clever

Seriously. Watching this awesome machine bend wires in different shapes puts my brain into deep whadafuhhh mode. The manufacturer claims it is the fastest wire bending machine in the world. I don't know if that's true or not, but it's unreal. Read More >>

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The Only Way to Make a Rube Goldberg Machine More Awesome Is By Setting It On Fire

Like everyone else, we love Rube Goldberg machines. And we love them even more when they are built around two basic elements: gasoline and gunpowder. Now I want to see one that involves a canon and spans through half a mile. [Thanks Karl!] Read More >>

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This Quadrotor Flying Machine Gun Will Kick Serious Arse Some Day

The FPS Russia people made this video showing a "prototype" quadrotor equipped with a machine gun. Yes, a remote controlled flying machine gun. They take it for a spin and shoot some targets, as they usually do. Read More >>

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This Is What I Imagine the Large Hadron Collider Looks Like Deep Inside

This image wasn't Photoshopped. Ian Hobson created it using his drier machine and a modified laser projector. The result is how I imagine the Large Hadron Collider works deep inside—operated by Duck Dodgers, of the 24th and a half century. Read More >>

The World’s Smallest Car Is a Single Molecule

Think the Smart car was too small to squeeze your lardy rear-end into? You're in for a whole new world of pain, because the smallest working car has been built — and it's just one molecule in size. Read More >>