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Riding Along With a Log Through a Saw Mill Is Absolutely Terrifying

It’s not uncommon for cartoon characters to find themselves unwittingly dragged through all the chaos of a saw mill. From the audience’s perspective, it’s usually hilarious. But when you send a small camera on a log through a saw mill, scary doesn’t even begin to describe the experience of being pulled through all that machinery. Read More >>

A Pipe Cleaner Bending Lego Robot Is Equal Parts Pointless and Brilliant

Pipe bending machines make short work of twisting and shaping metal tubes into everything from car exhausts to trombones. Yoshihito Isogawa’s pipe cleaner bending robot works essentially the same way, although it’s more of an exercise in pushing Lego to its functional limits, as opposed to filling an automated void in the crafting world. Read More >>

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I’m Completely Mesmerised By This Machine Whose Only Function Is Making Tiny Hedge Spheres

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. And where there’s a repetitive job no human wants to do, there’s also a machine we’ve invented to do the work for us. Like the hyper-specific RAP 10 trimmer from Orlandi, the sole function of which is to trim tiny shrubs into perfect, aesthetically-pleasing spheres. Why can’t I look away? Read More >>

This Machine Makes It Easy for Libraries to Clean Thousands of Books

How often have you pulled a rarely needed book off your shelf and needed to blow a layer of dust off of it? Now imagine what libraries have to deal with, given the tens of thousands of tomes in their collections. But it turns out someone’s already invented a machine that cleans books like a tiny waterless carwash. Read More >>

Why You Should Always Walk on Escalators

On Tuesday, The New York Times decided to reignite the age old debate of walking versus standing on escalators. And do you know what the paper concluded? “You shouldn’t walk on escalators.” This is a patently incorrect and essentially silly conclusion for at least four reasons. Read More >>

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Seeing the Explosion Inside a Transparent Engine Shows You How Engines Work

This particular engine we’re looking at has four strokes: the intake, the compression, the combustion (or power), and the exhaust. Smarter Every Day visited the guys of 805 Road King and their see through engine to show us exactly what’s going on in an engine when we fire it up and it’s pretty fascinating stuff. Read More >>

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Watch the Lovely Process of Making Traditional Harris Tweed

Here’s a short documentary from Jack Flynn and Nick David about making Harris Tweed on the Island of Harris and Lewis in Scotland. Read More >>

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This Machine Weaves Chain Link Fences Like it’s Knitting a Sweater

We were totally wrong in assuming that chain link fences were made by a warehouse full of people tirelessly bending wires with pliers. It turns out this giant machine does it all autonomously, bending, twisting, and weaving wires like it’s making a giant metal sweater you never want to wear. [YouTube via The Awesomer] Read More >>

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Watching Robots Make Tiny Springs is Wonderfully Hypnotic

This is easily the best video to spend your eyeball time on today. That’s partly because it’s wonderfully shot and reveals the inner workings of the machines. But it’s mostly because it’s a bunch of robots making tiny springs. Read More >>

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Photo Series Puts the Size of Random Huge Objects in Perspective

This wonderful photo series comparing the size of things by Kevin Wisbith is a really fun way to earn some brain wrinkles, because it gives you a better sense of the true size of random buildings, ships, machines, and other objects. You get to see things like the Death Star hover over Florida in space, a B-2 bomber stretch across the width of an entire American football field, and the Titanic sitting on top of an aircraft carrier. Read More >>

Researchers Teach Machines to Drive With Grand Theft Auto

A team of boffins from Intel Labs and Darmstadt University in Germany have come up with a cracking way of playing computer games on work time -- trying to see if machines can be taught to drive using simulators like the Grand Theft Auto series. Read More >>

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Impossibly Strong Cleaning Machine Vaporises Dirty Ass Floors

Damn, dirty grout doesn’t stand a chance against this terrifyingly powerful grout cleaning machine. It totally kicks the dirt's arse, and makes gunky floors look brand spanking new. Possibly even newer than new. Everything gets almost completely erased in seconds, like the floor has just been vaporised. Read More >>

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This Very Big Machine Picks Very Small Berries

Harvesting the edible parts of any plant in a timely manner usually requires some very specialised tools. Poppy seeds get hoovered up by a giant old-timey lawnmower. Potatoes take a shovel escalator before ending up your plate. And currants — those tasty little berries that usually get made into jam — well, they get this wonky thing. Read More >>

Has the Workplace Robot Uprising Already Begun?

A few years ago, a burrito joint near my university installed computers so that customers could place their orders without ever having to make eye contact with a cashier. It was meant as a convenience, but my friends and I felt oddly detached ordering food through a computer. And we wondered: Did this signal the end of personable customer service? Read More >>

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Here’s How Giant Machines Clear Roads on a Ridiculously Snowy Mountain

Mother Nature always forgets to end winter in places like Norway so it’s up to these giant snow blower tractors to clear the road. You can see how it works in the video below, the monster snow blower blasts through the layers of thick snow and carves out an open path, revealing the mountain road that was buried underneath. Read More >>