28 Secret Mouse and Trackpad Shortcuts You Probably Didn’t Know About

Operating a mouse or trackpad is super easy, but behind their simple exteriors these intuitive input devices hide a whole host of shortcuts and extra features that aren’t immediately obvious—and if you don’t already know about them, you’re missing out. Here are our favourites. Read More >>

Yet Another Password Vulnerability Has Been Found in macOS High Sierra 

For the third time in recent months, big problems have been discovered with macOS High Sierra. Read More >>

Go Install the Apple Updates for the Spectre Vulnerability Right Now

Security professionals had an “oh shit” moment last week when two gaping vulnerabilities were discovered in the bulk of modern microprocessors. The first issue, dubbed Meltdown, was more or less taken care of in a previous Apple update. But now, Apple has released a fix for the second issue, Spectre. Read More >>

10 Really Useful macOS Features That You Never Noticed

Much as we love all the new features that roll out with a fresh macOS update every year, we’re also rather partial to those long-standing tools and functions that have been around for longer—and which you might have forgotten about or never used in the first place. Here are a few of our favourites you should try on for size. Read More >>

Create Your Own Keyboard Shortcuts to Do Anything on Windows and macOS

Keyboard shortcuts are your not-so-secret weapon in the quest to maximise your productivity and blitz through applications and webpages at top speed. With keyboard shortcuts you can instantly drop your favourite GIF into any chat or email, or search Wikipedia without first opening a browser. You can launch apps or instantly perform a traceroute on a website. Don’t just settle for the standard list of shortcuts you get with Windows or macOS—create your own too. Here’s how to do it. Read More >>

Apple Is Reportedly Preparing a Way to Unify Mac and iOS Apps

Despite the wealth of software available for Macs, Apple’s desktop app store largely feels abandoned, as many of the important apps you might actually want are more readily obtained directly from the developer. However, after years of theorising and speculation, Apple is reportedly trying to bridge the gap between its desktop and mobile stores, by enabling developers to create a single app that would be compatible with both platforms. Read More >>

A Maxed-Out iMac Pro Costs Over £12,000

Apple’s new, most powerful iMac Pro is finally available for sale, and while some may think its £4,899 starting price is a bit steep, it’s the all extras that will really get you. That’s because when fully loaded with an 18-core Intel Xeon CPU (which won’t even ship until next year), 128GB of error-checking memory, and a 4TB SSD, you’re looking at a total price of £12,279. Read More >>

How to Fix That Very Bad Security Bug in macOS

Apple just released a patch that fixes a recently revealed security vulnerability in macOS High Sierra. This is the bug that let anyone gain admin access to Mac accounts without typing in a password. It’s a bad one. Good news is that Apple is making it very easy to update your software and squash the bug. Just click the “Update” box when you see it! Read More >>

There’s a Massive Security Vulnerability in the New macOS

In software, there are bugs, and there are dangerous bugs. It looks like macOS High Sierra has one of those dangerous bugs; one that could give someone full access to virtually any user account. And holy buckets, it is scary. Read More >>

This New Mac App Makes Navigating Your Contacts Less Nightmarish

I have not organized my contacts in the Apple Contacts app in nearly a decade. For every meticulously maintained contact (usually people I mail gifts to for the holidays) there are hundreds of other contacts polluting the field. So many it would take me a few days and a lot of wine to finally sort through them all. This is a problem, and one that Flexibits, the makers of the very excellent calendar app Fantastical, has been promising to fix. Finally, after years of development CardHop is here, and it’s a pretty damn good solution for anyone tired of messing with Contacts. Read More >>

Apple Says It Fixed High Sierra’s Password Leaking Problem

Time to install those updates! Last week, we warned you that a bug in High Sierra made it possible for an attacker to extract passwords from Apple’s Keychain in plaintext. The bug was discovered and reported by Synack head researcher Patrick Wardle in early September, and now Apple has issued a patch for the issue. Read More >>

How to Find the Specs For Any Device You Own

You probably know a bit about the laptops, smartphones, and other devices set in front of you, especially if you bought them after agonising over the choices for weeks. Even for those devices you did carefully pick and buy yourself, as the years roll by it can be easy to forget exactly how much RAM is installed or what the make and model of the processor actually is. For devices you’ve been given by someone else, you might have next to no idea about what’s inside. Read More >>

What You Need to Know When Switching from Windows to macOS (or Vice Versa)

So you’ve decided its time to abandon your lifelong love of Apple machines and make the jump to the Surface Laptop instead; or maybe you’ve realised you just can’t live without a Touchbar-enabled MacBook Pro and are ready to wave goodbye to Windows because of it. Read More >>

14 Things You Can Do in macOS High Sierra That You Couldn’t Do Before

macOS High Sierra is heading your way on September 25, and while it’s not packed with major new features to transform your Mac computing experience, there are some cool new tricks you should know about—here are 11 of them to get familiar with before the OS arrives on your machine. Read More >>

Tonight Is iPhone 8 Night: Here’s What We’re Expecting

Apple’s iPhone 8 event is coming up fast, and we’re expecting Tim Cook and company to announce far more than new handsets. Here’s a quick primer. Read More >>