Can You Guess What the Objects in These Closeup Photos Are?

A peeled orange and a red bell pepper. That’s what I thought a pencil and a Coke bottle cap were when I saw them in macro. That’s because when you stare at something from up close, even if it’s something you see every day, you lose your sense of familiarity with it. The dash of colour misleads your brain and the impossible little details trick you into thinking you’re looking at something you’ve never seen before because, well, you actually never have seen it like this before. Read More >>

Burning Steel Wool Becomes a Raging Firestorm Through a Camera’s Close-up Macro Lens

Peering at the world through a close-up macro lens reveals tiny details that normally go unnoticed. It can also make the smallest of things appear completely grandiose. Read More >>

Gorgeous Video Shows Crystals Forming from Up Close

Chemistry is a pretty science, especially in macro. Just check out the stunning crystallisation process of things like potassium chromate, sodium chloride, ammonium chloride, and more. Read More >>

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Dye and Soap in Macro Looks Like Exploding Galaxies 

Throw some dye into milk, add a drop of soap and suddenly the whole thing turns into a psychedelic mess of shapes and colours. Read More >>

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Watching Four Minutes of Magnetic Putty Swallowing Things Is Oddly Erotic

Sure, you've seen the master mutant powers of magnetic putty before and how its snake-like unhinging ability can completely engulf an object. It's the work of magic! Or the closest thing we have to magical powers (magnets). PBS Digital Studios and Shanks FX teamed up to have a bit of fun with magnetic putty and shows it in all of its gory detail. Shot in macro and placed against a titillating soundtrack, seeing magnetic putty swallow things is, um, a lot of fun. [Joey Shanks] Read More >>

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These Spiders Are Frightening and Beautiful At the Same Time

If you have a fear of spiders, you might not want to click through. But if you have a love for bright, colourful objects, then go right ahead! Read More >>

These Macro Pictures of Snowflakes Are Stunningly Beautiful

You forget how beautifully ornate snowflakes can be until you see them up close, in full detail. This photo series from Andrew Osokin shows how stunningly gorgeous each snowflake is. They look unreal. Read More >>

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You’ll Never Believe These Stunning Photos of Snow are Real

As we trudge through December toward Christmas, snowfall becomes increasingly likely (bringing our transport infrastructure to a grinding halt). But while it may be a pain in the arse when it falls, up close it looks incredibly beautiful — as these photographs demonstrate. Read More >>