5 Kick-Ass Girl Gang Films to See Before Birds of Prey

What is a girl gang film? Well, at the heart of it is the “Bad Girl.” Usually, that means a woman who breaks the rules – or rather, the rules somebody else has made. They can range from homicidal go-go dancers to cliquish high-schoolers and even Birds of Prey, but are all united in sticking it to “The Man.” But for some reason, you still want to be their best friend. Read More >>

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You May Never See a Better Video Than Mad Max: Fury Road Without Special Effects

Thirty seconds into watching this video, my face already hurt from smiling too much. Read More >>

How to Build an Awesomely Unsafe Mad Max-Style Flamethrower Guitar

If you’ve ever stumbled across a creation that looked too unsafe to ever be attempted—be it a thermite cannon or a flying hoverbike—you’re probably looking at the handiwork of Colin Furze. This time he’s built a flamethrowing electric guitar with a built-in smoke machine turning whoever’s playing into the ultimate rock star. Read More >>

Do You Realise Mad Max: Fury Road is a Miracle?

I’m serious. Mad Max: Fury Road should not exist. It should never have gotten made. It certainly shouldn’t be as awesome as it is. And yet somehow, against all odds, this impossible cinematic masterpiece walked away with six out of seven Oscars that it was nominated for at last night's Academy awards, in defiance of reality itself. Read More >>

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This Shot-By-Shot Comparison of Old and New Mad Max is a Blast

Making films from classic franchises is hard. The challenge is in finding the sweet spot between paying tribute to the original while improving upon it at the same time. Watching a shot-by-shot comparison of the original Mad Max and Fury Road, however, reveals what a great sequel can be. Read More >>

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Mad Max: Fury Road Without the Special Effects is Still Awesome

Most movies, especially big blockbuster action movies, look embarrassingly awkward when you strip away the CGI and special effects and expose it in real life. It’s because so much is fake these days! Not Mad Max: Fury Road though. That movie’s action sequences still look so bad ass in real life. Check it out. Read More >>

Mad Max Fury Road: How Was it For You?

I can't remember ever going to the cinema outside of a premiere screening and seeing the audience stand up and cheer and applaud as a film's credits rolled. But that's what happened when I caught a multiplex showing of Mad Max: Fury Road on Friday night. And boy, was it well deserved. Read More >>

The Flamethrower Guitar From Mad Max: Fury Road Actually Works

If you haven't seen Mad Max: Fury Road yet, you have permission to leave Gizmodo UK and head over to your nearest cinema multiplex. It is the best action film in years, a surprisingly thoughtful, artistic and batshit-crazy movie that could easily beat its way into your favourites list. Its bizarre cast of characters are one of its many, many draws, and none stand out more than the Doof Warrior, the flame-throwing guitarist you'll have seen in the trailers. Read More >>

Mad Max Fury Road Review: Fast, Furious and Surprisingly Thoughtful

There seems to be an interminable parade of blockbuster sequels and reboots these days, an imaginative drought in cinema where lazy cash-ins now preside. Fatigue sets in and it’s hard to see why exactly it’s necessary to keep going back to these worlds for more. Into this morass comes Mad Max: Fury Road, 30 years after the last Mad Max film took us "Beyond Thunderdome". Thankfully with this fourth installment, George Miller has provided a more than worthy addition to the beloved post-apocalyptic dystopian series. It’s a freewheeling film of original vision, visceral excitement, and exhilarating action, with a surprisingly sensitive core. In terms of blockbuster sequels, it’s a genuine revelation. Read More >>

Mad Max 2’s Stuntman Was So Hardcore He Carried on Filming With Broken Vertebra

With the release of Mad Max: Fury Road approaching like a 'fuel-injected suicide machine', it's worth remembering that this series of post-apocalyptic films contains some of the most eye-watering vehicle stunts ever put on film. Read More >>

Everything You Need to Know About Mad Max (A Fury Road Refresher)

In these days of sequels being greenlit before the first movie in a series even comes out, fans of post-apocalyptic hellraiser Mad Max have had to wait an obscene amount of time to see the fourth film in the franchise. It's been thirty years, to be precise, with Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome coming out back in 1985 and the brand new sequel Fury Road out this year. Read More >>

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The New Mad Max: Fury Road Trailer is the Best One Yet

As if the last trailer wasn't enough to get you hyped for Mad Max: Fury Road, another one has popped along to show us more of the upcoming instalment of the post apocalyptic Aussies-plus-cars series. Read More >>