Detailed 3D Floor Plans Reveal Everything You Missed While Binge-Watching Your Favorite Shows

After watching through all three seasons of HBO’s Silicon Valley, you probably feel like a member of Erlich Bachman’s cramped incubator. But how well do you really know his Silicon Valley home? Drawbotics, a company that makes 3D real-estate visualisations, took some time to create detailed layouts of some fictional properties that only exist on TV. Read More >>

The Fitness Wearable So Dangerous it Was Supposed to Be Destroyed

One of the first-ever fitness wearables was so dangerous it was banned by the US government for causing miscarriages and hernias. The line between “convenient exercise device” and “ornate torture tool” was thinner back in the 1950s. Read More >>

We’re Watching 10 Minutes Less TV a Day in the UK Despite Binge Viewing

Despite "premium" TV shows like Game of Thrones and Mad Men and increased numbers of catch-up services, UK goggleboxers are watching less television than they have for years before. Read More >>

‘Mad Men: The Game’? Lionsgate Studio Cuts Deal With Telltale

It worked for The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones, maybe it'll work for Don Draper too? Lionsgate Studios, the production company behind Mad Men and The Hunger Games has just cut a deal with Telltale, the gaming house behind the episodic point-and-click renaissance enjoyed by The Walking Dead and Fables, among others. Read More >>

The Dark, Glamourous World of One of NYC’s Real-Life Mad Men

New York in the years after World War II was a city more prosperous and more modern than anything the world had seen—and it spawned a whole culture unto itself, distributed in newspapers, magazines, and advertisements. This was the era of Madison Avenue Men, and Mac Conner was their illustrator. Read More >>

Behind-the-Scenes Photographs Reveal the Secrets of Mad Men Sets

If there is something that transports us directly to the world of Mad Men it's the programme's award-winning set design. I can't believe some of these aren't real places. Read More >>

This House Hasn’t Been Redecorated Since the ’60s and it’s for Sale

A 96-year old Toronto woman is finally moving out of her quaint little house. The story isn't anything out of the ordinary—until you realise that she's lived there for 72 years and apparently hasn't redecorated once. Oh, and she has amazing taste. Read More >>

Advertising Legend Designs the New Posters for Mad Men

84-year-old Milton Glaser—one of the world's most sought-after graphic designers, who left an indelible mark on advertising in the 1960s—has designed the posters and promotional pieces for the next and final season of Mad Men. Read More >>

The 1960s Office Desk of the Future Was More NASA Than Mad Men

With its hovering videophone, modern dictation machine and space pod design, this 1961 executive desk of tomorrow would fit in better on the ISS than at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. Read More >>

A Mad Men-Style Show About NASA Would Be Totally Awesome

This needs to get made. Apparently the writers of Mad Men are pitching a new show based on NASA in its prime, looking at the halcyon days of the US space program through the eyes of the journalists that covered it. Yes, that would be awesome; make it happen. Read More >>

Mad Men Denied
Sky Apologises For Mad Men Sky Go Blunder

It seems legions of people were up in arms over an apparent lack of the brand new series Mad Men on Sky Go. Eager cord-cutters and Sky-subscription sharers alike were queued up last night to watch the live stream of the premier of latest season of Mad Men, only to be greeted with an error basically saying "not available". Anger ensued. Read More >>

Working In the Advertising Industry Ain’t Easy

Often, when I tell people what I do, their eyes narrow into an expression that roughly communicates something along the lines of "You're the prick responsible for ramming crap in the way of my Hollyoaks omnibus, and telling my girlfriend that she's fat and needs a new toothpaste". Then again, I could be lucky enough to encounter a Mad Men fan, in which case they look me up and down and mentally compare me to a fictional alcoholic from the '50s. Neither of which being a particularly accurate profile of myself or your average creative chap. Read More >>

Free Tickets to See Madonna Is Your 53-But-Still-Queen-of-Pop Deal of the Day

If you're in the vicinity of Edinburgh this weekend and would like to see a yummy mummy flailing around a stage while parping out some of the most iconic pop hots of the past three decades, this is one for you. Read More >>

How Much Did Mad Men Pay For a Song by The Beatles?

The latest episode of period TV spectacle Mad Men was notable for something other than Christina Hendricks' silhouette for once, thanks to featuring Beatles track 'Tomorrow Never Knows' as part of its soundtrack. How much do you think that cost them? Read More >>

A £10 Flat-Screen Wall-Mount Is Your “Crumbs, I Hope It Stays Up” Deal of the Day

Okay, so you’ve spent a few hundred quid on a new flash-bang crash-bang state of the art TV, with ALL the necessary bells and whistles incorporated into it. If you’re a weirdo, it might even have 3D. But you want to hang it on your wall. Now what? Read More >>