Even Autotrader is Getting in on Madonna’s Birthday Celebrations

You're probably reading this while listening to some Madonna songs, as it's her 60th birthday today and everyone's posting their favourite Madonna songs all over the place. We're still working on the right answer to that question, as it's currently down to either Hung Up, Vogue or Like a Prayer, having just eliminated Get into the Groove. While we decide on that, here's something from Autotrader's oft-overlooked blog to read -- they've found one of Madonna's old cars for sale. Read More >>

Madonna Having Another go at Getting Meerkat to Work Tonight

If you tried to see how Madonna was utilising Meerkat to debut her new video last night, chances are you just saw a useless 500 error page. That's because it didn't work and Meerkat exploded, which was quite embarrassing for all parties involved in the supposed live launch of Her Madgesty's new video. Now everyone's having another go today. Read More >>

Photoshop Challenge: Madonna Falling Over

Remember that time Robert Mugabe fell over? And we all Photoshopped the hell out of it? Oh, how we laughed. And now, the gods of light entertainment have gifted us another perfect 'shopping opportunity; Madonna stacked it at the Brit Awards last night, blaming a saucy dance routine, ill-placed stairs and a cape that'd make Thor jealous. Read More >>

Queen Madge Turns to Bittorrent for Arthouse Free Speech Film

Sexy pop pensioner Madonna is having a go at film directing again, only this time she's doing it for charity. Her "secretprojectrevolution" is a short co-directed film that'll launch for free on Bittorrent next week. Read More >>

The Creepy Awesomeness of Talking Mannequins

Jean Paul Gaultier's retrospective of his 40-plus years of fashion design would have been breathtaking even without bizarre talking mannequins. Gaultier himself greeted guests to a press preview party of the exhibit, open at San Francisco's de Young Museum from March 24 through August 19. Read More >>

Goats Have Accents!

Not only do pygmy goats have accents, but they tend to pick up the characteristic "BAAAAAAAAAAA" of the locals bleating around them. Read More >>

YouTube Original Channels
YouTube Gets Professional With Jay-Z and 100 Original Channels

Looks like the rumours were true, Google's pushing head-long into professional content with some new YouTube original channels. Amateur-hour is out as 'well-known personalities and content producers' will be trotted out, with the fruits of their labour appearing next month. Read More >>