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The Winning Trick at the World Championships of Magic Might Fry Your Brain Like an Egg

Watching a six-minute YouTube video is a lot to ask when the internet serves up bite-size snippets of entertainment requiring just a few seconds of your attention. But close-up magician Eric Chien manages to squeeze so many impossible tricks into his World Championships of Magic-winning routine, you actually might wish it went on for a lot longer. Read More >>

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Watch a Master Magician Slice an Olive by Throwing a Playing Card

Ninjas are stereotypically known for their expertise with shuriken, also known as throwing stars. But while Rick Smith Jr. spends his days as a professional magician, we’re going to assume his nights are spent as a crime-fighting ninja who uses throwing cards instead of pointy stars. Read More >>

The Science Behind That Stick Figure Doodle Brought to Life With Water

A few weeks ago, the internet was wowed by a video of a magic marker stick figure doodle that appeared to magically come to life with a little water. Many assumed there were some unseen shenanigans that made the stick figure leap off the table, but as Steve Mould explains, it’s all due to the simple science of erasable markers. Read More >>

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Pouring Water on a Magic Marker Stick Figure Magically Brings It to Life

If the lighting wasn’t so bad, we’d be inclined to believe this video was the work of a Hollywood special effects studio, because somehow, a simple magic marker doodle of a stick figure appears to come to life with nothing more than some spilled liquid. Read More >>

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Learn Three Magic Tricks You Can Easily Do With a Pen

Magic is mostly just how good you are with your hands. Here are three really easy magic tricks that you can pull with just a pen: making it disappear, making it appear out of nowhere, and making it look super small. Read More >>

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Watch a Terrible Delivery Driver Make His Lorry Magically Disappear

We’ve all fibbed a little when it comes to our resumes or during a job interview. But apparently ‘knowing how to expertly back a truck full of metal pipes onto a floating barge’ isn’t something you’re going to want to just try and fake on your first day of work. Read More >>

Disney World Now Makes Toddlers Get Fingerprint Scans

The Most Magical Place on Earth has started scanning the fingers of three-year-olds in an effort to prevent ticket fraud, because you can never be too careful about tiny babies that have only just started communicating properly. Read More >>

This Guy’s Ugly Lego Creations Make Beautiful Shadow Art

With the lights on, John V. Muntean’s Lego creations look like something a five-year-old would build. “Look, mummy, it’s a horse!” But turn the lights off, shine a spotlight on these creations, and suddenly their real raison d’être is revealed; intricate shadow designs that change as each mass of Lego bricks is turned. Read More >>

Your Harry Potter Party Needs This Self-Writing Spellbook Prop

Is late-August too early to start planning a Halloween party that’s still over two months away? Obviously not. If anything it gives you plenty of time to order magical props and decor like this animated spellbook with a moving quill that appears to magically write spells all on its own. Read More >>

2,000-Year-Old Scrolls Inscribed With Ancient Curses Uncovered in Serbia

Archaeologists working in Serbia have discovered tiny parchments of gold and silver inscribed with what appears to be a series of ancient curses. Read More >>

Someone Find a Practical Use For This Incredible Self-Balancing Stick 

Remember balancing a broomstick on your finger when you were a kid? It turns out that skill doesn’t really have any real world benefits. The same can be said for this self-balancing stick that Mike Rouleau created. Read More >>

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How That Crazy Cylinder Illusion Works

Back in June we spotted a video that had us flummoxed: a few round-looking shapes appear as squares in a mirror. Rotating them 180 degrees produced the opposite result. Was it wizardry? CGI? Almost a month later, we finally have our answer. Read More >>

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This Mind-Bending Trick Is Actually Two Illusions in One

What sorcery is at work here? Careful, this trick—er, illusion has a second, surprising twist in it. Read More >>

Sneaky Trick Uses Math Magic to Guess Your Cards

Maths is basically magic. So it’s no surprise that a clever use of the Fibonacci numbers — a series of numbers (1, 2, 3, 5, 8, etc.) where each number is the sum of the two preceding numbers — and a super-slick shuffling method can combine for a card trick that makes it impossibly easy to guess the number and suit of the two cards you’re holding. Read More >>