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Watch This Guy Walk on the Ceiling With His Homemade Magneto Shoes

Colin Furze, the guy who built fully automatic Wolverine claws, has now turned his attention to Magneto's power and made a pair of magnetic shoes. I was hoping that he found some way to make metal things levitate waving his hand, but this is still really cool. Read More >>

If Magneto Were Shopping For a Watch, He’d Buy This Omega

This past January at SIHH, Omega announced that it had created the world's first anti-magnetic watch movement that's resistant to magnetic fields up to 15,000 Gauss. Previously both Rolex and IWC were the only other watch manufacturers with anti-magnetic time pieces. But Omega's new Seamaster Aqua Terra (calibre 8508) is 15x more resistant than either one with a movement that's mostly made up of non-ferrous metals, as opposed to encasing the movement in an iron cage. Read More >>

A Magnetic Metal Ball Is the Secret To This Designer Lamp’s Flexibility

Move over Luxo. Giulio Iacchetti has designed an incredibly flexible table and floor lamp that would put Pixar's mascot to shame. And like anything awesome, the Magneto's capabilities come from the power of magnets. Read More >>