Scientists Debut Powerful Magnet for Future Particle Collider

Physicists at Fermilab have produced and tested a powerful magnet of the sort that could appear in the next generation of particle colliders. Read More >>

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Slo-Mo Footage Of a Magnet on a Trampoline Reveals its Invisible Forces

You might recall that primary-school experiment where an iron filing-covered sheet of paper draped over a magnet reveals the invisible lines of its magnetic forces. But with a strong enough magnet (the kind they won’t let you play with in school) and a miniature trampoline, you can actually see those invisible magnetic lines in three dimensions. Read More >>

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Add a Bit of Colour and Magnetic Ferrofluid Becomes the Stuff of Nightmares

We haven’t found too many practical uses for ferrofluid—a mix of oil and iron particles that appears to morph and change shape when exposed to magnets—aside from fun desktop toys. So now that we’ve discovered it becomes a nightmarish-looking blob creature when you mix in a little colour, maybe it’s time to just stop making this stuff? Read More >>

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Musk’s Hyperloop Has Nothing on This Quantum Levitation Race Track

He might have billions of dollars, a company that promises to revolutionise space travel, and an upgraded full head of hair, but Elon Musk’s Hyperloop will never be as cool as this superconducting quantum levitation Möbius strip race track created by students at Ithaca College’s Low Temperature Physics Lab. Read More >>

The Teenagers Hunting for the Universe’s Secrets

Four British schoolboys had just been called from the classroom. They were ten days away from their A-level exams, the ones that determine the direction the rest of their lives would take, but they’d been interrupted from their studies to discuss the deepest secrets of the universe—their work hunting for the magnetic monopole at the Large Hadron Collider. Read More >>

An Iron Hell River Is Flowing Beneath The Earth

Beneath eighteen hundred miles of crust and mantle flows a molten iron hell river whose satanic secrets the European Space Agency has unleashed. Cool! Read More >>

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Watch Electromagnets Explosively Shred a Drinks Can in Half

Everyone knows you can do some crazy stuff with magnets, but things get really insane when you start playing with electromagnets. When you run an electric current through a coil of wire to create a magnetic field, you can chop cans in half in epic explosions and send discs flying up in the air that’ll smash into the ceiling. Electromagnets even have the ability to shrink a coin. Read More >>

Mario Magnets Turn Your Fridge Into Mario Maker

Desperate to play Super Mario Maker but can’t bring yourself to buying a Wii U for just a single game? Based on the success of Nintendo’s latest console, you’re not alone. There’s a cheaper solution, though, with this set of Super Mario Bros fridge magnets. Read More >>

What’s Happening With Hyperloop? Your Guide to the Hype

Hyperloop is maybe almost possibly here! But which hyperloop company did that thing this week? And what kind of technology is it using? Does it work? Most importantly, when are we getting one? We have all the answers for you, right here. Read More >>

How Humans Can Sort of See the Invisible

What superpower would you want to have? The ability to fly? Teleport? Turn invisible? Time travel? Heal? What about to ability to see the invisible? Not exactly the flashiest power you can have, especially because we can kind of, sort of, do that right now. Read More >>

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Magnetic Darts Are Scarily Powerful

Need a weapon? Grab some magnets, nails, and you got yourself a hell of an arrow launcher. The magnets push out the nails so fast that it’s basically a mini crossbow mixed with a nailgun, no batteries necessary. Read More >>

Panasonic Wants To Transform Home Cooking With Their Countertop Induction Oven

This is pretty cool: Panasonic has announced at the International Home & Hardwares Show that they will be producing a Countertop Induction Oven. Read More >>

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Mixing Glow Sticks with Ferrofluid and Magnets Basically Breaks the Visible Spectrum

Controlling ferrofluid with magnets is all well and good – and stunning – but when you add the chemicals inside a glow stick to the mix, it becomes something so much more cool. Read More >>

Griffin’s New Quick-Release Cable Gives MagSafe Powers to USB-C

If you love the USB Type-C port on Apple’s 12-inch MacBook but miss the quick release MagSafe power connector that probably saved your old MacBook’s life on many occasions, Griffin now has a simple way to get it back. Read More >>