Someone Created a MagSafe Connector For the Rest of the Plugs In Your Home

As much as USB-C is a vast improvement over the USB connectors of yesteryear, we’re still bummed that it replaced the MagSafe connector on the recent generation of Apple’s MacBooks. We’re not getting any less clumsy, but these magnetic breakaway plug adaptors look like they could ease the fear of tripping over our other power cables. Read More >>

Drop Dock Adds Magnetic MagSafe Style Charging to Android Phones (and iPhones Too)

Though it seems to be falling out of favour over at Apple, there’s a lot to love about the Cupertino company’s magnetic MagSafe MacBook charging ports. Snapping on satisfyingly and popping if if tripped off, they’ve saved many a MacBook from an early grave. Now a new Kickstarter project, the Drop Dock, looks to do the same for your phone. Read More >>

It’s a Sad Day for Apple MacBook if USB-C Kills MagSafe

One of the great challenges of consumer-focussed industrial design is to make technologies invisible until you need to use them. It's why smartphone manufacturers strive to make the lightest, thinnest devices possible, why camera designers make zoom lenses that can retract and sit flush within the body of the shooter. Apple's MagSafe magnetic charger was one such "invisible" technology. And now it's dead. Read More >>

A MagSafe Charger for the iPhone Would be Awesome

MagSafe is really wonderful tech – the MacBook's most underrated feature. Wouldn't it be great on the iPhone too? That's what the Kickstarter for a charger and battery pack called "Cabin" is shooting for. And even if it never actually happens, it's a nice fantasy. Read More >>

Your Busted Apple MagSafe Cords Power These Clever Lamps

The MagSafe power cord, in theory, is one of Apple's smartest features. In practice, they tend to crap out after a few months of hard use—thanks either to your poor wire-wrapping technique or your dog's penchant for copper wire. But that doesn't have to be the end of the line. Read More >>

The MacBook’s Most Underrated Feature

Next week, it's very likely we'll see a fresh round of MacBook Pros and MacBook Airs. They'll be a little faster, and maybe a little prettier. But it's unlikely that any new addition to Apple's laptops will be as awesome as the MagSafe. Seven years after Apple made the best laptop charger on the planet, no one else has made anything even half as good. Because they can't. Read More >>

Finally Someone Stepped Up and Designed A Way To Not Lose MagSafe Adapters

The £9 MagSafe to MagSafe 2 Converter is annoyingly expensive, but it's better than buying new gear. And now for £12 you can adopt an annoyingly expensive, but ingenious way to keep track of the tiny dongle. It's the Apple way. Read More >>

Apple’s New iPhone 5 Connector Could Be a Mini MagSafe With Data

Yesterday we heard that Apple's working up a smaller dock connector for the incoming iPhone 5, but rumour has it we might see something akin to a mini MagSafe, just like the MagSafe2 Apple shoved onto the new MacBook Pro and Air. Read More >>

Apple Magsafe 2 Adapter: Pay £9 to Stick One Magnet to Another Magnet

It's somewhat understandable that Apple had to redesign the Magsafe adapter, considering the engineering wizardry they pulled off with the Next-Gen MacBook Pro. But to use an Apple display or older MacBook power adapter to charge your next-gen MacBook Pro or new MacBook Air, you'll need to kickdown £9 for this little thing, which just seems like an accessory waiting to be lost. [Apple] Read More >>

Is a New Magsafe Data Cable Going To Replace Apple’s 30-Pin Connector?

The idea of Apple moving to Magsafe charging for iOS devices has been aired before, but the lack of data transfer stymied such plans. Now, however, an Apple patent suggests that future Magsafe connectors will be able to shift data. Bye bye 30-pin connector? Read More >>