Mailbox Exits Beta and Makes it Onto OS X

The wait is over. Mailbox for OS X, the Dropbox-owned email client, has exited beta and is now open for anyone to try. [Mailbox App via The Verge] Read More >>

Mailbox for Mac Arrives in Beta Today to Redeem Your Email

Back in April, Mailbox promised it would be bring a beta version of its popular mobile email client to Mac. Today, it delivered on that promise. Users who've signed up for the public beta as well as select Mailbox users will be given access to the beta in a rollout process. The team hasn't announced any firm date when the final version will be released. Read More >>

Mailbox Email Tool Now Available on Google Play

Mailbox, the delightful email tool that Dropbox bought a little over a year ago, will finally be available on Android and desktops. The Android version is now available on Google Play, with desktop available as a limited beta for now. Read More >>

Mailbox for iOS Has a Huge Security Flaw

Mailbox, the tidy iOS email app recently purchased by Dropbox, has a pretty wide-open hole that could allow bad actors to hijack your device. And unlike phishing attempts that should probably set off your sketchiness detector, this flaw involves emails that look completely innocuous. Read More >>

Mail Pilot
Would You Pay £10.50 for a Better iOS Mail App?

The first iOS mail revolution came and went with the highly anticipated, absurdly long waitlisted Mailbox. And whether or not you love or hate it, who cares? It's free! But now, Mail Pilot — dreamed up pre-Mailbox — has officially made its way out of the Kickstarter ether and into the App Store. And it can be all yours for... £10.50. Read More >>

lightning review
Mailbox Review: Your Bad Email Redemption

Anything promising to simplify a ubiquitous, and often frustrating, activity—like email—is sure to have people salivating. For the new iOS app Mailbox, this promise was effectively hyped with the help of a lovely video back in December. The app has finally dropped, and you know what? It might just live up to the hype. Read More >>

Mailbox for iPhone Is Finally in the App Store, Along With Its 250,000+ Waiting List

Mailbox, the new e-mail client that's had the tech world all atwitter recently, has officially gone live in the App Store. Created by the productivity software masters at Orchestra, the ultimate goal was to reinvent the mobile-specific email experience. Read More >>

Mailbox: Sign Up For The Impending Email Revolution

If you follow any number of Silicon Valley insiders on Twitter, you might have seen them blathering on about a new email app called Mailbox for iPhone. Mailbox is an interesting take on the inbox. It forces new user behaviour, which might not necessarily be a bad thing but having used it over the last few days I can ensure you that change is not easy. Read More >>