19th-Century Shipwreck Discovered by Australians Still Looking for MH370

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 mysteriously disappeared on March 8, 2014, nearly two years ago. And while Australian researchers still haven’t found the plane, they recently discovered a shipwreck dating back to the 19th century. Read More >>

Investigators: Plane Debris Is “Conclusively” From MH370

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak has confirmed what many pundits have been claiming since last week: Investigators agree that the flaperon discovered on Réunion Island belongs to Malaysia Airline Flight 370, which disappeared in March of 2014. Read More >>

How We Will Find Out if the Discovered Plane Wreckage is Part of MH370

It’s been nearly a year and a half since Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 disappeared and investigators finally have their first big lead for finding the lost plane. A piece of an aircraft’s wing—a flaperon, to be specific—washed up on Réunion Island, 120 miles off the coast of Madagascar, 3000 miles away from where investigators were looking. But we’re still a long way from many of the answers we need. Read More >>

Lizard Squad Hacks Malaysia Airlines to Make a Crap 404 Joke

Improvisational global hacking collective Lizard Squad has another hack to its name now, after taking down the website of Malaysia Airlines. Read More >>

What Will We Find on MH370 Passengers’ Mobile Phones?

Bearing in mind that CNN is the same network that suggested Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 might have flown into a black hole, it was nonetheless interesting to hear the network speculate that the mobiles phones of the flight's passengers might hold an archive of unsent emails, texts, photos, and videos of whatever sequence of events befell the doomed airliner—and that these fragile digital files could still be recovered. Read More >>

Malaysian Officials: MH370 is Lost Because Nothing Else Makes Sense

In two separate press conferences, the Australian Defence Minister and the CEO of Malaysia Airlines reiterated that flight MH370 is lost with no survivors, mirroring the Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razik's announcement not 24 hours earlier. But both added one troubling addition; they've come to this conclusion because there's no evidence to disprove it. Read More >>

MH370 Plane “Has Been Lost and None of Those on Board Survived”

Those sad words were said this morning at a press conference by the Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razik. It has been confirmed thanks to new analysis that the last-known position of MH370 was in the middle of the Indian Ocean, southwest of Perth, Western Australia. Read More >>