Malaysian CEO’s Death Reportedly Caused by Exploding Phone

Nazrin Hassan, the CEO of a Malaysian venture capital fund, died after one of his mobile phones reportedly caught fire while it was charging in his bedroom. Conflicting reports have attributed his cause of death to blunt force trauma and smoke inhalation, but authorities say that they need more time to investigate exactly what happened. Read More >>

How Drones are Being Used to Track Malaria

The American military has become rather effective at using drones to hunt and kill big tangible things, but Hellfire missiles and Reapers aren't all that good at tracking little insects. But that hasn't stopped researchers from using (smaller, less deadly) drones to help fight the spread of infectious disease. Read More >>

Your Electronics are Probably the Product of Forced Labour

The internet keeps a close eye on what companies like Apple, Samsung, and Sony import out of Southeast Asia, since those components hint at products coming down the pipeline. The US Department of Labor keeps a close watch too, but for a very different reason: Uncovering "modern-day slavery" by the companies that make electronics. Read More >>

Australia Abandons Ping Zone and Shifts MH370 Search Hundreds of Miles Away

Australian search specialists have given up their hunt for flight MH370 in one particular part of the Indian Ocean, as apparent pings from the plane's flight recorders are now deemed to have been a false alarm. Read More >>

The Watering (and Urination) of F1 Drivers

At this weekend’s Malaysian Grand Prix, the drivers have an extra battle on their hands: dehydration! In the high-tech world of F1 where millions are spent in using the latest technology to develop the fastest car, their response is surprisingly simple. Each car will be equipped with a drinks system for the driver, no more complex than the humble windscreen washer fitted to your road car. Read More >>