Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 May Have Helped This Scientist Find Aeroplane Impact Sites With Sound

The day after the third anniversary of the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 in the Indian Ocean, we still haven’t found the plane. Authorities suspended the search earlier this year, according to the Guardian, and unfortunately, may not be looking for the plane any longer. Read More >>

How Will Search & Rescue Work if a Plane Goes Down in the Arctic?

It has been nearly a month since Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 disappeared from radar, and its ultimate whereabouts remain unclear. The complex international effort of searching for the plane in a remote stretch of the South Indian Ocean raises the question of what would happen if a plane were to go down in the Arctic: who would coordinate the necessary search and rescue teams, and where should they be based? Geographer Mia Bennett tried to answer this question on her blog, Cryopolitics. Read More >>

The Tech That Australia is Using to Search for Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

Australia and New Zealand have today found a new lead in relation to the hunt for missing Malaysia Airlines flight 370 which has now been missing for almost two weeks, and it’s dumping a whole lot of maritime tech on the situation to try and determine whether it’s credible. Read More >>

Malaysian Prime Minister: Missing Plane Was Deliberately Diverted

In a news conference on missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 yesterday, Prime Minister Najib Razak declared that the plane was deliberately diverted from its prescribed route to Beijing, flying up to seven hours after takeoff, says The New York Times. Malaysian authorities have released a map plotting the plane's last satellite signals somewhere along two large arcs crossing Asia. Read More >>

This GIF Shows How Tricky it is Finding the Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370

The Pacific Ocean is very, very big. Airplanes are big, too—but, compared to the Pacific Ocean, they are almost comically small. So, as rescuers finish up a week of searching unsuccessfully for Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, it's worth taking a second to marvel at what an impossible a task it is to find one little plane in that very big ocean. Read More >>

Now You Can Help Search for the Missing Malaysian Airlines Flight

The Boeing 777 that seemed to disappear into thin air last weekend has still not been found after five days of search and rescue. Now a crowdsourcing company has started a campaign where anyone can pore over satellite images to find traces of Flight 370 or its 239 passengers. Read More >>