A 15,000-Year-Old Trap for Catching Woolly Mammoths Has Been Discovered in Mexico

Archaeologists working at a site near Mexico City have unearthed a 15,000-year-old trap built by humans to capture mammoths, in what’s the first discovery of its kind. Read More >>

Los Angeles Subway Expansion Uncovers Mastodon Remains at Least 10,000 Years Old

Last week, a construction project for the Los Angeles subway turned into a scientific excavation after workers uncovered fossilised skull, tooth and tusk fragments from ancient elephant relatives that have been extinct for 10,000 years. Read More >>

Strange Mammoth Skull Puzzles Paleontologists

Palaeontologists working on an island off the coast of California’s Ventura County have discovered a strange mammoth skull that exhibits features never seen before in the extinct elephantine creatures. Not too big and not too small, this skull could represent a transitional species. Read More >>

Vanishing Wooly Mammoths Should be a Warning to Us All

While the Sumerians were inventing writing over five thousand years ago, one of the last populations of wooly mammoths was making a desperate bid for survival on a remote Aleutian island. Now, we know how they died. Read More >>

A Step Closer to a Real Jurassic World? Scientists Decode Mammoth DNA Genomes

You may soon be able to download schematics of a woolly mammoth and print one out in your home if you're running low on meat or want to entertain the kids for the weekend, thanks to researchers completely sequencing the genomes of two romantic old woolly mammoths. Read More >>

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This 42,000-Year-Old Perfectly Preserved Baby Mammoth is on Show at London’s NHM

Having been covered by thousands of year's worth of clay, mud, ice and snow, this 42,000 year old baby mammoth is the most perfectly-preserved specimen of the extinct species science has ever seen. And, for a limited time, you can view the extraordinary remains at London's Natural History Museum. Read More >>

Russian Kid Follows His Nose to a Perfectly Preserved Mammoth Penis

Would you believe me if I said Lynyrd Skynard's song "That Smell" is actually based on a Russian children's folk song about archaeological finds? You shouldn't, but the smell of ancient animal remains is apparently so distinct, an 11-year-old boy in Russia just found what might be the most perfectly preserved mammoth ever. Read More >>

Frozen Mammoth Meat Discovered in Siberia, Clones or Expensive Burgers a Possibility

Those living in hope of one day seeing a woolly mammoth roaming about in a zoo cage and being able to feed it a few chips are in luck, as the best source of mammoth DNA yet -- including what may be some "living" cells -- has been discovered. Read More >>