The ‘Bomb’ That Cancelled Man United Vs Bournemouth Was a Training Device for Dogs

It’s slow hand clap time, people. You know the ‘suspicious package’ that caused Old Trafford to be evacuated and Man United’s final league game to be postponed? Turns out it wasn’t a terrorist threat, but the result of an incomplete tidying up operation. Read More >>

Manchester United’s Final Game Abandoned Due to ‘Suspicious Package’

Earlier this afternoon, a controlled explosion was carried out at Old Trafford after a suspicious package was discovered at Manchester United's home stadium. Read More >>

Swap Your Man Utd Season Ticket for a Copy of Fifa or Pro Evo With Your “No, This Isn’t a Joke” Deal of the Day

Are you a Manchester United fan? No longer are you living in a footballing bubble that isn't at all typical to the rest of the footballing universe. Losing matches hurts doesn't it? You get used to it. Or, if you're a glory hunter, you just swap teams. If you don't want your season ticket anymore, we've got a deal for you. Read More >>

Some Really Awesome Uses of Facebook Timeline

During this weekend's Facebook sesh, you may notice that any brands you've "liked" over there are suddenly using Timeline. That's because Zuckerberg's forced any non-personal page to spend hours beautifying it, or in the following brands' cases, actual days and weeks adding all manner of glorious history to their timelines. Some, like Arsenal Football Club; DJ Shadow and Cadbury's, have gone above and beyond. Here are the best: Read More >>