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Trump Found a Way to Make Manhattan Even Worse

Midtown Manhattan — with its noise, traffic, slow-moving tourists, and overpriced everything — is the one place most New Yorkers avoid at all costs (if they can help it). It’s also home to Trump Tower, a gargantuan gold-plated phallus jabbed straight into the city skyline where the President-elect is planning on spending weekends during his term in office. Read More >>

A Floating Balloon Bridge Could Help Replace New York City’s Failing Subways

One of New York City’s major subway lines connecting Brooklyn and Manhattan will be out of commission for months, maybe years, and some residents are preparing for an end-of-days scenario. A few enterprising New Yorkers have proposed a gondola, but building it will be nearly as pricey and time-consuming as the subway repairs. The city needs ideas for getting people over the East River, fast. Here are a few inspired ones. Read More >>

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In These Photographs, New York City is Drowning

Photographer Zev Schmitz took a deep breath and created an incredible architecture photoseries of New York City. Every photo was taken from the waters that surround Manhattan. Read More >>

This Map Shows Manhattan Transform From the Countryside Into a Metropolis

It's hard to imagine, but Manhattan used to be a bunch of open fields and trees. Then, after a small Dutch fort turned into an important trading post, things began to change. And a new map project by the architects and coders at Morphocode lets you visualise the past 300 years of that process. Read More >>

11 Bird’s-Eye Views That Show How NYC Has Grown Over 350 Years

Exactly 350 years ago today, New York City became New York City. The city itself already existed, of course: As the Dutch colony of New Amsterdam. But on September 8th, 1664, the British gave it its permanent moniker, which makes today its name-day. Read More >>

Apple Now Has a Design Patent for its Giant Glass Cube

Apple's been on a tear to protect the look of its retail experiences, trademarking the design of its stores and patenting its proprietary see-through staircases. Now its glass cube flagship store in Manhattan is officially a patented design in the U.S., with "Steve P. Jobs" listed as one of the inventors. Read More >>

The Plan to Build a Floating Beach That Travels Around NYC’s Shores

As summer rolls in with its heat and its sun, we're all thinking of fleeing toward the beaches. For New Yorkers, that could soon be a beach on a reclaimed barge, floating along the Hudson River. Could it actually work? We talked to City Beach's structural engineer to find out. Read More >>

Are LG’s New Headquarters Really a “Public Shame”?

New York Times architecture critic Michael Kimmelman is on a roll lately in his quest to hold architects accountable for their design shortcomings. His latest target? The firm HOK, which he says has turned tech manufacturer LG's new headquarters into an "eyesore." Read More >>

How a Slanted Skyscraper Will Share Sunshine With the High Line

When you build a monolithic tower that reaches hundreds of feet up into the sky, it's going to cast a shadow. That can be a big problem for those on the ground, if they'd like to occasionally see the sun. But the designers of a new building being planned in New York have figured out a way around the problem: An oddly-shaped building that will not only shed light on occupants, but spread it around for neighbours as well. Read More >>

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Watch the Manhattan Skyline Appear from a Blank Canvas in Less than 90 Seconds

Unfairly-great UK illustrator Patrick Vale recreates the whole of lower Manhattan, as seen from the Empire State Building, in this incredible time lapse video. What's more, he does it completely freehand. Now let's see him do it from memory. [Patrick Vale via Colossal] Read More >>

Tiny Transforming Flat Would Make Optimus Prime Proud

In 2005, teacher Eric Schneider paid £147,000 for a 450 square foot studio flat in Manhattan that originally looked like it had barely enough room for even a bed. So he handed it over to architects Michael Chen and Kari Anderson who revamped the kitchen, and designed a central transforming cabinet that now gives him considerably more living area in exactly the same space. Read More >>