Steve Jobs’ Half-Assed Job Application Sells for £125,000

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs is remembered today as a genius renaissance man, but he was once just a dirtbag kid who was bad at filling out job applications. One application, from 1973, just sold for $174,757 (£125,337). Along with other Jobs-related items, the application far exceeded its estimate. Read More >>

The British are Coming and the Car’s Driving Itself

The self-driving car trend would appear to be owned by the global car giants and the infinitely deep pockets of Google, but there's a new UK upstart on the scene that automates boring, regular trips by learning the route of your tedious commute and taking control. And might be able to do it all for £100. Read More >>

The Secret Symbol on Almost Every Camera

PetaPixel revealed a nice little factoid about the secret symbol that's on almost every camera. If you read the camera's manual, you probably already know what it is but if you didn't, that circle with a line drawn through it marks exactly where the sensor of the camera is located. Read More >>

How to Hack the New Road Signs

We knew hacking road signs was easy, but they changed the control boxes in the latest models and nobody knew to handle those — until now. Here's the manual, so you can warn people of zombies and raptors ahead. Read More >>

Calling on Photographers For Manual Labour

A lot of photographers seem to reach glass ceilings at some point during their development: they upgrade their equipment from fully-automatic snapper-boxes to more advanced equipment, and they develop their photographer's eye bit-by bit. Read More >>