Why Cities Are Where They Are in the World

Have you ever wondered why the world’s largest cities sprout up where they sprout up? It has a lot to do with water, natural resources, history, and being in the northern hemisphere. Read More >>

Social Media Hate Map Pinpoints the UK’s Angriest Towns

A charity concerned with online bullying and general hate speak has ironically slagged off a few UK towns and regions, claiming that Northamptonshire is the place that sees the most online misogyny. Congratulations! Or maybe not. Read More >>

Interactive Map Shows All the World’s Wars (and it Doesn’t Look Good For Us)

A map that wants to educate us all about the Geography of Violence has been assembled, showing that, for some strange reason, there's quite the hotspot of aggression around northern Europe among the 12,674 battles charted. Read More >>

Fun UK Telly Map Shows You Where All Your Favourite British Shows Are Set

A map showing where some of the UK's most popular TV shows are set has been assembled in the name of art, illustrating exactly where the happy valley of Happy Valley may be found. Read More >>

This Map Shows Just How Long Travel Took 100 Years Ago

Modern jet-setters may bemoan the stresses of long-haul travel, but they should be grateful they’re travelling in 2015 when travel-time is measured in hours, rather than in days, like the metric used in this 1914 map. Read More >>

Rubberneck From Home With London Accident Mapper

An interactive map that displays accidents reported to police across London is now online, showing where and when car, bike, pedestrian, taxi and motorbike collisions took place. Read More >>

Here’s Where You Can Go on London’s 24-Hour Tube

There's good news for people on the red and blue-served bits of London's Underground network, as they'll benefit the most from the city's first 24-hour lines when they start running this September. Read More >>

How Stinky is Your Post Code?

You might soon be able to research how much the air around your posh new city pad smells of cars before agreeing to rent it in return for 85 per cent of your salary, thanks to mappers who are collating image tags to build smell maps of urban areas. Read More >>

Interactive Map Shows Which Restaurants in London are Dirty

If you fancy heading out this weekend to one of London's myriad restaurants, you might want to take a quick gander at this map before you do. Compiled using data from the Foods Standards Agency, it cleverly breaks down the pubs, restaurants and food outlets in London by their food hygiene score. The results just may make you re-think your dining choices in your area. Read More >>

W3W is a Three-Word Post Code Alternative

What3words is a new attempt at making location sharing an easy thing, one that breaks the entire world up into 57 trillion 3m x 3m square and gives each one a three word address. Read More >>

Do You Know Your Mornington Crescent From Your East Putney?

That's the concept of the tube station quiz from social media fun/list supplier Us vs Them, which blanks out the names of stations on the tube map and asks users to correctly pick the site of a given name. It'll be easier if you've ever lived in London and tended to move flats a lot. [Us vs Them] Read More >>

This is What the Internet Looks Like as an NYC Subway Map

Everything is easier to understand when it's drawn up as a well-formatted subway map—including the Internet. This one, for instance, shows a simplification of the world's network of submarine fibre-optic cables. Read More >>

New Maps Show Forests Disappearing in (Almost) Real Time

The world is vast and travel budgets finite, so looking for deforestation as it's happening all over the world is nigh impossible. That is, of course, unless you have an all seeing eye in the sky—and, hey, you know what, there are satellites orbiting over all of our heads right now. Global Forest Watch is a new, near real-time forest monitoring system from World Resources Institute, Google, and another 40-odd partner organisations. Read More >>

This Beautiful Map of the Internet is Insanely Detailed

Visualising the internet is almost as difficult as ignoring trolls, but that didn't stop Jay Jason Simons from having a damn good try. The result is this beautiful and insanely detailed map. Read More >>