Looks Like Maplin’s Closing Down Sale Prices are Still More Expensive Than its Rivals

As a general rule, buying something in a physical shop on the high street is going to cost you more than ordering online. Shops have staff to pay, rent and bills to deal with, while big chains like Amazon can basically do whatever they like. Still when shops like Maplin shut down, you still end up with people complaining that it was down to the fact they charge so much, and that puts people off shopping there. Well if the latest report from The Register is anything to go by, those people might have a point. Read More >>

Maplin Joins Toys R Us in Going Full Woolworths

Two UK high street names have called in the administrators on the same day, with Toys R Us officially now in the hands of the accountants and Maplin joining the toy chain in admitting defeat and throwing in the Samsung-branded smart-towel. Read More >>

Maplin Teetering on Brink of Administration

Electronics chain Maplin could be the next former giant of high street retail to disappear and see its presence replaced by charity shops and Caffe Neros, as the money men currently in charge are said to be planning for a possible pre-pack administration to fend off total annihilation. Read More >>

3d printing
You Can Buy a 3D Printer on the High Street Now

Up until now, 3D printers were still the preserve of the wealthy and the industrious, or at least those prepared to buy something online. But now you can purchase your very own DIY creation marvel, direct from a high street brick and mortar store -- no internet needed. Read More >>

Comet’s Remaining Limbs Divvied Up by Circling Vultures

So, it looks like Comet's sad demise is to end with the different arms being chopped up and flogged off to the rest of the UK retail electronics industry. After stabilising the business, administrators Deloitte's are now looking at which profitable living chunks they can rip off the great sinking HMS Comet. Read More >>

Raspberry Pi
You Can Now Buy the Raspberry Pi on the UK High Street too

If this doesn't scream mainstream adoption, I don't know what does. You can now buy a Raspberry Pi starter kit from Maplin, which will set you back a pricey £70 -- you did want a keyboard, mouse, and a Wi-Fi dongle with that, right? Read More >>

Ever Wished You Could Get a 90-Minute Tech Takeaway?

We’ve all been there. You just have to have that piece of tech right now, or you desperately need a new cable to hook up your monster sound system pre-party. But where do you get it if you just can’t be arsed to leave the house? Amazon’s no good, that takes a day, how about Maplin? It’s touting a fast new 90-minute delivery to the home service from the moment you click your mouse. Read More >>