OS to Start Logging Lamp Posts for Potential Driverless Databases

The Ordnance Survey is branching out into logging all of our many and various forms of roadside furniture, with the idea being that knowing where every lamp post and manhole cover is may one day be a data goldmine essential to the operation of the autonomous auto fleets of the future. Read More >>

Ordnance Survey To Map The Earth From A Big Drone

British mapping institution Ordnance Survey is sending a massive drone into the skies to take high-res photos of Earth. Read More >>

New Super-High-Resolution Map Shows Antarctica In Unprecedented Detail

We’ve seen a lot of good maps of Earth’s polar regions of late. A map that shows the thickness of the entire Antarctic ice sheet. Another that shows Greenland’s hidden bedrock contours in unprecedented detail. But a new terrain map of Antarctica is still special. It’s not just the highest resolution ever produced for the frozen continent, but the highest resolution for any continent, full stop. Read More >>

Stunning New Atlas Shows the Polar Seafloor Like We’ve Never Seen It

An unprecedented collaboration involving 20 countries, 75 institutions, and over 250 marine geologists has yielded a new atlas that’s providing our best glimpse yet of the seafloor at both polar regions of the planet. The images are of significant scientific value, but they’re also quite beautiful. Read More >>

Striking New Maps Show the Beauty of Earth’s Shadows

We are visual beings: Our perception of the world is intrinsically tied to our ability to perceive light. But what about the places where light doesn’t fall? Do places in shadow still encode information for the visual cortex to process? Can shadows actually tell us something meaningful about the landscapes they darken? Read More >>

Enjoy a Gloriously Detailed Look at the Arctic Before It Melts Away

A series of beautiful digital terrain maps, created by the US National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) and the National Science Foundation (NSF), are immortalising something that might soon be lost: the magnificent, ice-carved landscapes of the Arctic. Read More >>

Here’s the Most Complete Ocean Floor Map Ever Made

What lies beneath the deep blue sea? So much more than you might think. Read More >>

Aww, Norway Wants to Gift a Mountain to Finland

This story takes place far inside the Arctic Circle but, no, it’s not about Santa Claus. What it is about is truly embracing the Christmas spirit — the part where you give something of yourself. Read More >>

Bing Maps Gives the Green Light to Real-Time Traffic Cameras

Yes, Bing Maps does still exist, and thanks to a new update, you might even have a reason to use it again. Read More >>

Government Makes 3D Models of England Free on Minecrafters’ Request

Laser scanning has helped us do everything from discovering new things about Stonehenge to planning better flood infrastructure. Now, our government has made the entirety of its massive trove of scans available for free—in part because of requests from everyone from researchers to Minecraft players. Read More >>

Apple’s Taking Cars to the Road to Add StreetView-Like Features to Maps

With a subtle announcement on its website, Apple has confirmed that it’s sending cars out onto the streets of the UK, Ireland and the US in order to acquire data, including images, that will be used to improve its Maps service. Read More >>

These High-Tech Archaeological Tools Will Help Rebuild Nepal’s History

As rescue efforts in Nepal begin to shift to recovery mode, relief workers in the earthquake-ravaged country are focusing on infrastructure—including the catastrophic loss of so many historic structures. And increasingly, they’re using emerging technology to do it. Read More >>