The Wild Story of a Man Who Created a Virtual Traffic Jam in Google Maps

Google Maps is a great tool for drivers wanting traffic updates in real time. It tells you when there's congestion, road works, a better route - the works. As someone who reviews cars regularly, I prefer it to in-built navigation systems that become outdated quickly if you don't get them updated at a service centre. Read More >>

M&S Shamed for Imaginary Anti-Welsh Propaganda

Bored people have been pretending not to understand something on purpose again, this time turning their misplaced wrath on Marks & Spencer for selling a jigsaw puzzle that obliterates Wales and rejoins Ireland into one. Read More >>

Dozens of Drivers Got Stuck After Blindly Following Google Maps Into a Mud Pit

Nearly a hundred drivers in Colorado, USA this week followed a digital Pied Piper into an empty field where they all got stuck. Read More >>

OS to Start Logging Lamp Posts for Potential Driverless Databases

The Ordnance Survey is branching out into logging all of our many and various forms of roadside furniture, with the idea being that knowing where every lamp post and manhole cover is may one day be a data goldmine essential to the operation of the autonomous auto fleets of the future. Read More >>

Scientists Create Giant Atlas of World’s Most Remote Reefs

Coral reefs line shores around the world, but they’re sometimes tough to spot because well, they’re underwater. Now, a group of researchers has found that satellite imagery is capable of mapping reefs on a global scale. They’ve used the technology, along with field studies, to create the world’s most thorough coral reef atlas to date—including some of the most remote reefs on Earth. Read More >>

Ordnance Survey To Map The Earth From A Big Drone

British mapping institution Ordnance Survey is sending a massive drone into the skies to take high-res photos of Earth. Read More >>

Pupil Hacks Google Maps to Label School “Hell on Earth”

You'd expect pupils of Hornsea School and Language College to be a little better behaved than this, but no. A child, or perhaps a disgruntled former janitor, managed to submit a name change for the facility to Google Maps, causing it to appear online under the name Hornsea Prison and Hell on Earth. Read More >>

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CES 2019: Mobileye And Ordnance Survey Team Up On Mega-Detailed UK Maps

Intel company Mobileye has announced a partnership with mapping authority Ordnance Survey to create super-detailed maps of UK roads, down to things like where the manholes and drain covers are. Read More >>

New Tube Map Released With Terrifying Cover, Walking Distances

At first glance, we genuinely thought someone had left something NSFW in the racks of pocket-sized tube maps. Turns out it's just the new cover design: Read More >>

Google Is Sprucing Up Maps With a New Tab for Commuters and Built-In Music Controls

Commuting to work is a pain at the best of times. So to help take a little stress out of your daily work route, Google is building a handful of new features into Google Maps. Read More >>

New Super-High-Resolution Map Shows Antarctica In Unprecedented Detail

We’ve seen a lot of good maps of Earth’s polar regions of late. A map that shows the thickness of the entire Antarctic ice sheet. Another that shows Greenland’s hidden bedrock contours in unprecedented detail. But a new terrain map of Antarctica is still special. It’s not just the highest resolution ever produced for the frozen continent, but the highest resolution for any continent, full stop. Read More >>

Google Stores Location Data Even With ‘Location History’ Turned Off—Here’s How to Stop That

When a user chooses to pause Google’s collection of location data with the “Location History” option, the search giant continues to collect and store that information. It’s a sleight of hand that’s enough to make someone shut off everything just to be safe. Read More >>

English Hill Proudly Becomes Mountain

The little English hill known as Miller Moss is celebrating today, after a pair of hill-measuring enthusiasts found it to be one metre higher than the Ordnance Survey calculated – sneaking it over the classification boundary that divides mere hills from mountains. Read More >>

These New Maps of Pluto and Its Moon Charon Are the Most Detailed Yet

By meticulously stitching together photos taken from two cameras aboard the New Horizons spacecraft, a team of scientists has compiled the most accurate maps of Pluto and Charon to date. Read More >>

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I Survived Navigating Los Angeles Using Only This Ancient Technology

When I was a teenager, before phones and cars directed you to your destination, I would sharpie directions on the tops of my hands so I could read them as I drove. It was an effective (if problematic) way to get from point A to point B without looking down at printed MapQuest directions, but it left no room for error. A friend of mine told me that, before she had a mobile navigation device, if she accidentally diverted from the directions she wrote down ahead of time, she would pull over and call her parents, describe her surroundings, and have them direct her back on course. Read More >>