This Is the Longest Straight Path You Could Travel on Water Without Hitting Land

Back in 2012, a Reddit user posted a map claiming to show the longest straight line that could be traversed across the ocean without hitting land. Intrigued, a pair of computer scientists have developed an algorithm that corroborates the route, while also demonstrating the longest straight line that can be taken on land. Read More >>

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An Artist Turned the Chaos of Urban Sprawl Into a Series of Hypnotic Animations

At some point, you’ve probably found yourself mindlessly scrolling around Google Maps’ satellite view while bored at work. But artist Páraic McGloughlin saw Google Maps as more than just a distraction, and by painstakingly capturing very specific road layouts and agricultural features, he was able to create a series of captivating animations. Read More >>

Google Maps Will Show Wheelchair Accessibility Info in London and Other World Cities

I don't know what it's like to have to use a wheelchair, but it's obvious that there are plenty of routes in London (especially on public transport) that aren't anywhere close to wheelchair friendly. Google Maps is now doing what it can, adding a filter so people can opt for wheelchair accessible routes when they're planning their trips. Read More >>

The BBC Appeases Flat-Earthers and Scotland With New Weather Map

12 years ago there was a little scandal about the BBC's weather map. The redesign of the day introduced the tilted, zooming viewpoint we still see today, leaving viewers in the north and Scotland furious that the evils of perspective appeared to make their bit of the country smaller. Although it was only further away. Read More >>

Some TomTom SatNavs Won’t be Getting Any More Updates

It's no secret that our technology has been advancing at incredible rates over the past few decades, but the downside to that is that sometimes our gadgets end up virtually obsolete before the end of their operational lifespan, Just because of the simple fact that the hardware is too old to support newer software. A number of TomTom SatNavs are the latest victims of that trend. Read More >>

Is That The Shire or Wensleydale? Man Draws Tolkien-Esque Map of Yorkshire Dales

There and Back Again, a Hobbi... actually, make that a Yorkshireman's tale. An amateur cartographer has clearly taken inspiration from the works of Lord of the Rings author J.R.R. Tolkien, after drawing up a map any hairy-footed Halfling would be chuffed with. Read More >>

Google Maps No Longer Lets You Post Negative Reviews About Your Crappy Job

Google has updated its Maps policies to ban certain business reviews left by former employees. In a new section of the Google Maps “User Contributed Content Policy,” Google now labels reviews “about a current or former employment experience” as a “conflict of interest.” Originally, only current employees were barred under the policy. The new rules, quoted below, went into effect on 14th December [emphasis ours]. Read More >>

10 Tips for Making Journeys Faster with Google Maps and Apple Maps

It’s no exaggeration to say map apps like Google Maps and Apple Maps have transformed the way we get from A to B, replacing paper maps, guesswork, and friendly strangers with the power of our smartphones. But if you’re using these apps in default mode, you may not be getting to your destination as quickly as possible—here are some tips to change that. Read More >>

The UK’s Most Interesting Statistic of 2017 is Lovably Dull

The Royal Statistical Society has, somehow, decided on the most interesting stats shared by people during 2017. The American winner was Something That Makes You Think as popularised by a Kardashian, a fact that highlighted how more Americans are killed in lawnmower accidents than slaughtered by terrorists. Read More >>

Now You Can Buy The Maps From Lev Grossman’s The Magicians

Like any fantasy novel worth its magical salt, Lev Grossman’s The Magicians series had some beautiful maps. Now, courtesy of the artist behind those illustrations, you can own big, beautiful versions of them, albeit for a hefty price. Read More >>

350-Year-Old Map of Australia Restored to Its Former Glory

Lost for hundreds of years, a recently recovered map of Australia dating back to the 17th century has finally been restored and put on display at a museum in Canberra. The document chronicles the mapping efforts of explorers a full 100 years before Captain James Cook set sail for the Pacific. Read More >>

The Holiday Map is Dying as We Hold Phones in Front of Everything Now

Guidebooks and maps and scribbled directions to the cheapest noodles in town are on the way out, it seems, as travellers give up on researching their holiday in favour of getting their phone out upon arrival and hoping for the best. Read More >>

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Roomba’s Next Big Step Is Selling Maps of Your Home to the Highest Bidder

The Roomba is generally regarded as a cute little robot friend that no one but dogs would consider to be a potential menace. But for the last couple of years, the robovacs have been quietly mapping homes to maximise efficiency. Now, the device’s makers plan to sell that data to smart home device manufacturers, turning the friendly robot into a creeping, creepy little spy. Read More >>

Australia Releases Trove of Scientific Data from Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 Search

It can be hard to look for the bright side in a tragedy. But resolving tragedies often requires an immense amount of human effort, and that effort results in new knowledge. New genetic forensics techniques emerged from the identification of 9/11 victims, for example. Another tragedy, the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 three years ago, is starting to yield its own benefits to the scientific community. Read More >>

Walt Disney’s Hand-Drawn Map of Disneyland Just Sold for a Bonkers Price

The Disney fan army can’t get enough of Mickey Mouse and his magical empire. That’s why its no surprise that someone spent $708,000 on a hand-drawn map of Disneyland in California, conceived by none other than the MickeyMaster himself, Walt Disney. Disney and artist Herb Ryan drew the map one weekend in 1953 as part of a presentation for investors—now, the priceless piece of history will sit in someone’s living room, presumably surrounded by Thomas Kinkade paintings and Epcot souvenirs. Read More >>