Just One Puff of Low-THC Weed Can Help Ease Sadness, Study Finds

It might take just one puff of cannabis to quickly if temporarily dull depression, depending on the strain, suggests a new study published this month in the Journal of Affective Disorders. But smoking weed for too long might also make you sadder over time, the researchers found. Read More >>

How Children Feel When They Are High

As both recreational and medicinal marijuana use becomes more accepted in American society—a trend that’s definitely for the better—it’s also making something that isn’t so great more common: Very young kids getting high, usually by accident. Recently, a 9-year-old Albuquerque girl ate and shared her grandfather’s pot gummies with five classmates after mistaking them for regular candy. She went to the school nurse feeling sick and “very dizzy,” and teachers eventually sussed out what happened. This and other incidents made us wonder: Does pot make young children “high” in the same way it does adults? Read More >>

Marijuana Use by Pregnant Women Is on the Rise in the US 

The number of mums-to-be who smoke pot while pregnant is higher than we thought and only growing, a study published this week in the Journal of the American Medical Association suggests. While smoking weed might seem like a perfectly harmless way to relieve stress in most cases, there’s still a lot we don’t know about if and how cannabis could affect foetuses in the womb. Read More >>

The FDA is Cracking Down on Claims That Weed Cures Cancer

In the US, so far 29 states and DC have legalised medical marijuana, as modern research has suggested that weed can help treat conditions like chronic pain and the side effects of chemotherapy. Some companies, though, are abusing the growing acceptance of weed for medicinal purposes. On Wednesday, the FDA reported that it has sent warning letters to four companies claiming that marijuana-based products can treat or cure cancer. Read More >>

Marijuana Users Have More Sex, But It’s Complicated

In the first study of its kind, researchers from the Stanford University School of Medicine have shown that people who use marijuana have sex about 20 per cent more often than those who do not. It’s an eye-opening finding, but a classic case where correlation doesn’t necessarily imply causation. Read More >>

Cannabis Should be Legalised and Only Sold Online to Kill Off the Dealers

A think-tank, or just some men having ideas on a chain email, has come up with an idea that could make cannabis legalisation more palatable to the UK -- selling it online. But only online, so it comes neatly in packages through the letterbox and there's no more worry about getting mugged at knifepoint for your phone by a dealer in the Iceland car park. Read More >>

Oxford Uni Invests £10m in Marijuana

A new investment fund to find more good things about marijuana is coming to Oxford University, with the researchers winning a £10m pot to find other ways cannabis plants can be turned into nice medicines. Read More >>

This Herb-Grinding, Weed-Dispensing Pen is Perfect for Lazy Stoners

The next time you find yourself at the end of a long, exhausting day at the office, what would you rather find in your jacket pocket? A fancy Montblanc writing instrument, or a herb-grinding, weed-dispensing pen that guarantees a super-relaxed evening? The answer is obviously the latter. Read More >>

A Collection of the Weirdest Shit I’ve Found on Spotify

The way I see it, everybody has a “thing” they do when they get high. Some people gorge themselves on as many edible objects as will fit in their cottony mouths. Other people lay in the dark and listen to Phish. Still other people sit on their couch and look at Vine. Read More >>

Facebook is Shutting Down Medical Cannabis Dispensary Pages For Some Mysterious Reason

Marijuana dispensaries in the state of New Jersey say Facebook has unfairly banned their business pages. They say the fight highlights how inconsistent Facebook’s policy towards prescription drugs is. Read More >>

Weed-Infused Coffee Pods are Apparently a Thing Now

Coffee pods generally produce pretty awful coffee. However, a burgeoning number of companies now sell coffee pods that come with a dose of THC, the active ingredient in cannabis. So now these coffee pods produce awful coffee that also gets you high. Read More >>

How the Tesla Battery Will Benefit the US Marijuana Industry

The hottest property in the power market is the recently unveiled Tesla Energy system, which puts large batteries into homes and businesses with sights set on users saving money. An unexpected outcome of this new system is a potential boon it could create for growers of legal cannabis in the States, as Wes Siler from Gizmodo's Indefinitely Wild blog reports. Read More >>

Remember That Pipe Mug From Cabin in the Woods? It’s Real Now.

There's an excellent moment in Joss Whedon's horror-comedy Cabin in the Woods, where the stereotypical stoner, Marty, pulls up in his rundown auto drinking coffee from a mug. Except, it's not a mug at all but rather a giant retractable water bong. As is true with most awesome props, the smoke mug has become reality. Read More >>