WWII Sub Rumoured to Have Taken Top Nazis to South America Found Off Danish Coast

In the dying days of World War II, a German sub was reportedly sunk near the Danish coast, but the wreck was never found, leading to speculation that high-ranking Nazi officials—even possibly Adolf Hitler himself—used the high-tech vessel to escape to South America. A museum in Denmark has finally found the missing U-boat, ending this 73-year-old mystery. Read More >>

Here’s What Protects Shipwrecks From Looters and Hacks

On 25 May 1798, the HMS DeBraak was entering Delaware Bay when a squall struck without warning. The British ship that originally belonged to the Dutch capsized and sank, taking 34 sailors and a dozen Spanish prisoners down with it. Rumoured to contain a hoard of gold and jewelry, the DeBraak became a popular target for treasure hunters in the years that followed. The wreck was finally discovered in 1986, lying under 80 feet of water at the mouth of the Delaware River. The team who found the ship attempted to raise it from its watery grave, resulting in one of the worst archaeological disasters in modern history. The event precipitated the passing of long-overdue laws designed to prevent something like this from ever happening again. Read More >>

Shipwreck Scavengers Reportedly Dumped Remains of WWII Sailors in Mass Grave

Remember those World War II shipwrecks that mysteriously vanished from the bottom of the Java Sea? When they were found to be missing in 2016, it was heavily suspected that illegal salvagers exploded the ships and then looted them for metal. According to new reports, those metal scavengers also brought up the remains of Dutch and British sailors—and then unceremoniously dumped them into mass graves. Needless to say, officials here and in the Netherlands aren’t happy. Read More >>

This Grainy Image Could Be the British First Passenger Liner Sunk by the Nazis in WW2

A mere eight hours after Britain declared war on the Nazis, a German torpedo struck the SS Athenia, sinking the passenger liner and killing more than 100 civilians. The ship’s final resting place has eluded shipwreck-hunters for nearly 80 years, but sonar images taken off the coast of Ireland now show what appears to be the wreck. Read More >>

Archaeologists Discover Perfectly Preserved 168-Year-Old Ship in the Arctic Sea

An arctic research mission claims that it’s discovered the HMS Terror, one of two Franklin Expedition ships that sunk during a doomed attempt to traverse the Northwest Passage. Incredibly, the 168-year-old wreck would probably not have been found if it weren’t for information provided by an indigenous crew member. Read More >>

Exquisitely Preserved 17th Century Dress Recovered From Shipwreck

Marine archaeologists working off the coast of Holland have recovered a remarkable trove of well-preserved artefacts from a ship that sank nearly 400 years ago. Among the items is a beautiful silken gown that likely belonged to royalty. Read More >>

Sunken Ship Worth Billions Discovered Off Colombian Coast

A Spanish galleon sunk in the Caribbean 300 years ago with an exceptionally valuable cargo has been discovered near the port city of Cartagena, Colombia. Called the San Jose, the ship is rumoured to contain gold, silver, and jewellery worth an estimated £2.65 to £11.2 billion. Read More >>