plastic pollution
Twitter Helps Researchers Log the Effects of Plastic Pollution on Sharks

Social media is proving to be a useful tool for scientists, and not just for observing the downfall of society in real-time. Read More >>

Mesmerising Deep-Sea “Headless Chicken Monster” Filmed in the Southern Ocean

A mesmerising deep-sea dancer by the name of Enypniastes eximia is enjoying a moment in the limelight after being filmed in the Southern Ocean off East Antarctica for what officials describe as the first time in that region. The footage of the sea cucumber, which is colloquially referred to as the “headless chicken monster,” comes courtesy of new underwater camera technology being used by researchers to aid in marine conservation efforts. Read More >>

The First Marine Wilderness Map Shows There’s Not Much of It Left

For the first time, scientists have mapped how much oceanic wilderness remains. Only 13.2 per cent of the oceans are unspoiled, a shocking finding that shows the extent to which humans have reshaped the planet above and below the waves. Read More >>

There’s Now an ‘Underwater Yellowstone’ Off the Coast of Cape Cod

As the election looms, Obama’s plan to save the planet kicks into high gear. Last month, the US president vastly expanded Hawaii’s Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument, turning it into the world’s largest marine protected area. Today, speaking at the State Department’s Our Oceans conference, he unveiled the first Marine National Monument in the Atlantic, which has been hailed an “underwater Yellowstone” for its profusion of rare sea creatures and striking geologic landforms. Read More >>