Wikipedia Editors Fight Over Whether to Include Donald Trump’s Bits in Article About Nintendo’s Toad

Wikipedia is the place where we turn for information on topics large and small. And speaking of small, there’s currently a heated debate going on about whether to include the American president’s penis on the Wikipedia page for the Nintendo character known as Toad. What a time to be alive. Read More >>

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Students Turned Go-Karts Into Mario Kart With Real-Life Power-Ups

Many of us spent a good portion of our university years battling it out in Mario Kart. Those carefully-honed skills aren’t exactly a big seller on your CV, unless you happen to be one of four Colorado State University students who created a real-life version of the game, complete with weapons and power-ups. Read More >>

How to Get a Perfect Starting Boost in Mario Kart 8

It's no big secret that in Mario Kart, you can start each race with a turbo boost by punching the accelerator at the perfect moment before the race begins. The question is: How do you get the timing right? Read More >>

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Olympic Speed Skating is Much More Exciting Cut With Mario Kart Action

After watching two weeks of sports you never normally care for, or fully understand, you may be asking why the short track skaters don't know...throw a blue shell at the end? This great video shows what would happen if they did. Read More >>

This Real Life Mario Kart Style Racer is All I Want

I don't want much. A bed to sleep on, a nice pair of shoes, some beer to drink and I'm good. Or so I thought. Now all I want in my life is this drifting Crazy Cart XL. It's basically the real-life version of the vehicles in Mario Kart. Read More >>

Competitive Gaming Puts Gamers’ Brainwaves in Perfectly Synced-Up Harmony

Multiplayer gaming brings people together -- just ask anyone who has feigned a smile after being hit on a Mario Kart finishing line by a blue shell. But it now seems they also bring us together in never-before-realised physical ways too. Read More >>

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Adding Mario Kart to Fast and Furious Is the Most Bizarre Thing I’ve Ever Seen

Those crazy cats over at NMA are officially off their rocker. Apparently they thought it would be a great idea to see what it would be like if you slammed Mario Kart into the testosterone-filled world of Vin Diesel's Fast and Furious. The result is so weird it almost hurts. Read More >>

Minekart 64
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Mario Kart 64 Made Within Minecraft Is the Best Use of Minecraft

You've got to love Minecraft. You can make literally anything in it, limited only by your imagination and, err, free time. And what better way to spend your Minecrafting day than playing the legendary Mario Kart 64, lovingly recreated in the best way possible? This is awesome. Read More >>

Real-life Mario Kart
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Real-Life Mario Kart With Weapons, Items, and Even Boosts

OK, so we've seen quite a few people driving karts around in lame awesome Mario Kart gear, but the crazy bods from Waterloo Labs have upped the ante. They've kitted the karts out with enough servos, hydraulics, and RFID tech to truly simulate Mario Kart, weapons, items, boosts and all. Where do I sign up to go play? Read More >>

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Mario Kart Is Coming to the PS3, Sort of

LittleBig Planet Karting has just finished its beta, complete with a really good track editor. What did a load of users decide to do with said track editor? Why, make Sony's new karting game into the iconic Mario Kart, of course, and I'll be honest, the results aren't half bad. Read More >>

What If F1 Was Actually Mario Kart?

Formula 1 is a serious sport. No shells, banana skins or power ups of any kind, unless you count new aero packages that is. But if you were watching the grand prix from Melbourne earlier this year you could be forgiven for thinking otherwise. Read More >>

MIT Student Builds Awesome Working Mario Kart, Documents Process Every Step of the Way

A self-described electromechanical hobbyist and MIT student named Charles Guan is the mastermind behind the Chibikart, a motorised Mario Kart-like vehicle built from scratch. Read More >>

This Mario Kart Mod Is the Answer to All at-Home Fitness Regimes

Let’s be honest here, exercising for the sake of exercising is just plain dull. Going to the gym blatantly sucks too, but what if you could gamify it, 16-bit-style? Meet the SNES Mario Kart exercise bike and truly revel in a seriously hard workout. Read More >>

Make Yourself a Nerdpower Suit of Armour Out of the Gaming Consoles In the Deal of the Day

Today’s best deal is in fact a whole host of deals – a cocktail of savings, a buffet of bargains, a… a… oh, it’s just a load of gaming consoles that have been knocked down in price. Let’s stop getting TOO carried away, eh? Read More >>