RIP Google Instant Search, You Were Never Necessary

In 2010, Google’s then-VP of Search Products Marissa Mayer called Instant Search a “fundamental shift in search,” and the media marvelled at this time-saving feat of engineering. Now that shit is dead, because technology has a fundamentally shifted once again. Read More >>

Rich Person Marissa Mayer Bravely Forgoes Her Bonus Over Yahoo Security Clusterfuck

Yahoo had a bad time in 2016. It took its last symbolic breaths as a crusty, once-powerful internet company, it had its email service banned on Capitol Hill, and—oh yeah!—it disclosed it suffered not one but two massive hacks of user data. Read More >>

Marissa Mayer Will Resign From Yahoo’s Board, Yahoo to Get a New Dumb Name

Marissa Mayer will resign from Yahoo’s board of directors and the company itself will be renamed Altaba Inc., according to documents filed with the SEC today. Read More >>

New Lawsuit Alleges Marissa Mayer Tried to Purge Yahoo of Men

A new lawsuit from a former Yahoo employee claims that CEO Marissa Mayer tried to purge the company of men. The lawsuit, filed by Scott Ard in San Jose federal court, accuses Mayer of fostering “the use of (an employee performance rating system) to accommodate management’s subjective biases and personal opinions, to the detriment of Yahoo’s male employees”. Read More >>

How Yahoo Totally Blew it on Security

A new report by The New York Times reveals the extent to which Yahoo didn’t really care about its user’s security, instead focusing on products and new features. Read More >>

Marissa Mayer: You, Too, Can Work 130 Hours a Week If You Plan When to Take a Shit

According to Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, who was Google’s 20th employee and its first female engineer, the key to success at the search giant was hard work. Specifically, the kind of hard work that required strategically planned trips to the loo. Read More >>

The Sad Sale of Yahoo Confirms That Marissa Mayer Failed

At long last, Marissa Mayer’s rocky reign at Yahoo appears to be coming to an end. The news comes not with a bang—or an exclamation mark—but with something closer to a resigned sigh. Read More >>

Marissa Mayer Says She’s ‘Planning to Stay’ at Yahoo

After a weekend full of rampant speculation, Verizon finally confirmed this morning that it had reached an agreement to purchase Yahoo’s core business for $4.8 billion (£3.7 billion). Read More >>

Verizon to Buy Yahoo For Chump Change

US telecoms giant Verizon will today announce its plan to buy Yahoo’s core assets for a pitiful $4.8 billion (£3.6bn) according to “two people with direct knowledge of the situation,” Bloomberg reports. Considering that at the peak of its success, Yahoo was valued at $125 billion (£95bn), this is yet another benchmark moment in the company’s fall from grace. In 2008, the company rejected Microsoft’s buyout offer of $44 billion (£35bn). Read More >>

Yahoo’s Latest Earnings Report Basically Confirms That Tumblr Purchase Was a Waste of Money 

Yahoo released its latest earnings report today, and while there were some bright nuggets for the beleaguered company—its reported revenue for the second quarter of this year beat analyst estimates—there was one distinct black mark. Yahoo recorded a total goodwill impairment charge of $482 million (£363 million) related to its purchase of Tumblr. Whoops! Read More >>

Here’s What Happened To All 53 of Marissa Mayer’s Yahoo Acquisitions

Yahoo, the once highly regarded internet giant, is in shambles. Its revenue is in decline. Its shareholders are crying foul. Its prized public faces are scrambling for an exit, and the company is in the process of laying off 15 per cent of its workforce. Its core business — internet search and advertising — is negatively valued. Looming over all of this is a prospective sale of the company’s core assets, bids for which have reportedly reached more than $5 billion (£3.5bn). Read More >>

What Was Variety Thinking With This Marissa Mayer-as-Jesus Cover?

Late on Monday afternoon, Variety co-editor-in-chief Andrew Wallenstein sent a tweet out into the world. This wouldn’t be a particularly noteworthy action, except that it included an image of what appears to be Variety’s upcoming cover, depicting Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer as a Christ-like figure carrying a Y-shaped cross. What? Indeed. Read More >>

Marissa Mayer Will Dry Her Tears With £37m if She Gets Fired From Yahoo

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer may be the captain of Silicon Valley’s version of the Titanic, but that doesn’t mean she’s going to drown with her angry shareholders and discarded Yahoo verticals. Instead, she’ll be rolling around in nearly $55 million (£37.4m) worth of cash, stock options, and other assorted benefits. Read More >>

How Flickr’s New Head Plans to Rebuild a Photo Brand Fallen From Grace

In its quest to rebuild Flickr into the premier photo service it once was, Yahoo has swiped Google's ex-global director of product marketing, Bernardo Hernandez, and given him the ultimate task — taking down Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and a whole host of other services so Flickr can reign supreme. Read More >>