Before US Senate Inquiry, Facebook Scrambles to Look Busy

“There’s been a general feeling from the platform companies of kind of playing rope-a-dope with the Congress,” Senator Ed Markey told a small audience gathered in the US Federal Election Commission’s headquarters around 9am on Tuesday. Four hours later, Markey’s well-informed inference was proven true yet again when Facebook trotted out a new blog post titled “Combating Hate and Extremism,” Read More >>

Facebook is a Dating Platform Now

Facebook – a company that knows everything about you – is a dating platform now. Seemingly it’s deeply invested in getting you to fuck your friends! You can start screaming now, or in unison with me as I read through their announcement post. Read More >>

Instagram is Reportedly Building a New Messaging App Named Threads

Instagram is working on a new messaging app called Threads “meant to promote constant, intimate sharing between users and their closest friends,” the Verge reported on Monday, in what seems like yet another attempt by a Facebook-owned property to edge in on Snapchat’s turf. Read More >>

Facebook App to Keep Kids From Talking to Strangers Online Fails Its One Job

To absolutely nobody’s surprise, it turns out that letting the company with tonnes of privacy scandals run a messaging service for children might have been a bad idea. Now there are multiple reports that a pitfall in the design of Facebook’s Messenger Kids app lets children talk to unauthorised users in group chat – aka exactly what the app was built not to do. Read More >>

US Congressman to Facebook: Your Digital Currency Could Be Worse Than 9-11

Facebook’s new digital currency, Libra, has the potential to be worse than the September 11th attacks. At least that’s what Democratic Congressman Brad Sherman of California said at a House Committee on Financial Services Hearing in Washington, D.C. Read More >>

Well, Well, Well

Seemingly every new day brings news of Facebook’s failure to adequately manage its products, be that due to privacy or security issues, the spread of misinformation or hate speech, or whatever the hell has been causing its string of recent crashes. But even as these issues have unfurled in recent years—some of them with dire consequences—Facebook appears to have been prioritising monitoring its own image and that of its top executives, including by keeping tabs on fantastical posts and memes related to CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Read More >>

Facebook Agrees to Hand Over Hate Speech Data to French Courts

France just scored what it’s characterising as a major victory in the battle to curb online hate speech—one that potentially carries significant implications for privacy and free speech online. Read More >>

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Breaking Up Facebook Won’t Fix Real Problems According to Completely Disinterested and Impartial Mark Zuckerberg

The U.S. government shouldn’t break up Facebook because that wouldn’t address the real problems that people face in the age of social media, according to CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg, a man who is currently worth an estimated $71.5 billion precisely because the social media company is so large. Read More >>

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Facebook Worried About Mark Zuckerberg’s Old Emails in Privacy Probe

Employees within Facebook have dug up “emails that appear to connect Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg to potentially problematic privacy practices” in the course of responding to a Federal Trade Commission investigation, the Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday, citing “people familiar with the matter.” Read More >>

Meet the Deepfake Zuckerberg, Same as the Flesh Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg may be famed for looking and acting like a (slightly damp) synthetic being trying to infiltrate human society, but a team of artists working with advertising company Canny appears to built a software version of the Facebook CEO that could one day threaten to make hardware Zuckerberg obsolete. Read More >>

‘It’s a Travesty’: Mark Zuckerberg Gets What He Wants in Hawaii Land Grab

Līhuʻe, Kauai — On Tuesday, after years of struggle, a man Mark Zuckerberg supports secured a series of disputed properties that lie within the bounds of Zuckerberg’s vast estate in the northeast corner of Kauai in Hawaii. Carlos Andrade, a retired Hawaiian studies professor, won the four properties, totalling 2.2 acres, at auction for more than $2 million (£1.57m). He was bidding against his distant cousin Wayne James Rapozo, who represents a collection of family members who’ve been fighting to keep their ancestral property out of Zuckerberg’s control. Read More >>

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Mark Zuckerberg’s Head of Security Accused of Sexual Harassment and Other Misconduct by Two Former Staff

Two employees who previously worked as personal staff for Mark Zuckerberg have levelled alarming allegations of misconduct against the head of Zuckerberg’s security detail, including sexual harassment and racist, transphobic, and homophobic comments. Read More >>

Mark Zuckerberg to Ignore Canadian Parliament’s Subpoena, Maybe Get Found in Contempt

The hottest trend sweeping Washington, DC right now has officially arrived in Silicon Valley: Defying lawmakers’ subpoenas is all the rage and Facebook apparently has no plans to be left out. Read More >>

Following Livestreamed Mass Shooting, Facebook Introduces One Strike Policy On Livestreams

In the two months since a man brutally attacked Muslims in Christchurch, New Zealand, and livestreamed his shootings on Facebook, the social media company has faced scrutiny and pressure from advocates and politicians to stop the spread of violent and hateful content. Read More >>