Walkers’ Latest Marketing Stunt Involves Threatening to Ditch Classic Flavours

Lots of companies resort to marketing stunts to try and gain publicity, and Walkers Crisps is the latest. It's launching a new vote dubbed 'Choose Me or Lose Me', which will apparently decide which flavours it's going to stop selling. Read More >>

This Drone Can Rain Hot Dogs Down on Humanity

As is currently en vogue for any company making a product that ends up in consumers’ hands, US hot dog company Oscar Mayer is expanding its Weinermobile fleet with a phallic flying drone that can (supposedly) drop a single hot dog on someone not too worried about what they’re eating. If Silicon Valley had its way, we’d only eat things that fell from the sky. Read More >>

virtual reality
Don’t Waste Your Time on VR Marketing Ploys

If you haven’t heard, virtual reality is finally happening. Like, for real this time. And everyone wants a piece of the action. A lot of companies have recently used VR as a marketing ploy, and quite frankly, the “experiences” they’ve created are all a load of shit. Read More >>

Research Shows There is Such a Thing as a “Harbinger of Failure”

You probably know at least one person who always tends to bet on the loser. From Betamax to HDDVD, they adore the unpopular product. Turns out that that’s a predictable trait, and the people who display it are “Harbingers of Failure”. Read More >>

Star Wars Marketing Is Even More Absurd in Hungary

Human culture has reached a point of no return. The overwhelming barrage of Star Wars merchandise has pulverised the last remaining crumbs of our consumer dignity. Consider this product and cry with us: Star Wars Chicken Hot Dogs with Built-in Ketchup. And it gets worse. Read More >>

Happy Inconsequential Marketing Day! #RedCups #Banter #Engagement

Now that everyone's changed their names back to normal from the hilarious* Halloween alternatives, there's a new thing everyone's talking about on the internet today -- cups. Red cups. Starbucks cups. People are pretending to be excited about an advert, basically, and that's the depressing online future we all face. Read More >>

Google is Trying to Google Google Better 

Google wants to be better at googling Google. The company is hiring a search-engine optimisation (SEO) program manager so Google sites get Googled better. What a world! Read More >>

The Big Sports Money Comes to VR With Nike and a Famous Football Man

Brazilian footballer Neymar Jr is currently substantially richer thanks to the marketing division of Nike, which has bunged a batch of his local currency his way in return for starring in some sort of bizarre and ultimately futile "VR experience" in which you can, sort of, pretend to be a footballer for up to a minute. Read More >>

1,000 Nicki Minaj Bottoms Defile Helsinki Cathedral

The organisers of the Summer Up Festival are risking one hell of a vengeful lightning storm ruining the days of its attendees, thanks to a marketing stunt involving 1,000 cardboard bottoms being placed outside Helsinki Cathedral. Read More >>

KFC Puts Keyboards in Trays So Greasy Chicken Fingers Can Keep Texting

Kentucky Fried Chicken in Germany just cooked up the weirdest fast-food techno-marketing stunt. For a week, restaurants lined their serving trays with disposable Bluetooth keyboards instead of paper liners. Not even joking. Read More >>

All the Ridiculous Adjectives Jony Ive Used to Describe the Apple Watch

The Apple Watch reviews are beginning to pour in. All those ratings, specs, and comparisons are way too much noise to pay attention to. A more serene, peaceful way of absorbing the essence of Apple Watch is by listening to every adjective the illustrious Jony Ive has used to describe the device. Read More >>

Huawei Watch Leaks: Guerilla Genius or Just Jumping the Gun?

Over the weekend it appeared as though Huawei had 'accidentally leaked' its Android Wear smartwatch ahead of the official announcement. But what was it really? Was it a mix-up caused by a rookie member of the marketing team, or was it actually a genius way to get people talking about Huawei's stuff? Read More >>

virtual reality
Google’s Reality-Bending Tablet Turned My Supermarket Into an Icy Playground

Imagine you're part of a big supermarket brand. How do you convince customers you're cool? If you're not waiting around for one of your employees to become a viral teen hearthrob, how about thrusting them into a virtual reality world? In the latest example of VR advertising, Google and Target have teamed up to let shoppers explore a winter wonderland as they stride down the aisles. Read More >>

Seven Drone Ideas Cooler Than TGI Friday’s Dumb Mistletoe Drone Idea

You might've seen a mistletoe-toting drone (sponsored by T.G.I. Friday's) pop up in your Facebook feed this week. This idea is both dumb and unoriginal. Some maker-types deployed a mistletoe drone in San Francisco last year. That was cute. This is a marketing stunt. Read More >>

Aphex Twin is Teasing His New Album on the Deep Web

It's been 13 years since Aphex Twin released his last album, Drukqs, and fans have been foaming at the mouth for the next instalment of the Richard D. James saga. On Monday morning, Aphex Twin taunted those fans in truly nerdy, fairly tantalising fashion, by pointing them to the deep web. Read More >>