Rumour: Facebook Planning to Roll Out Craigslist or Gumtree Killer?

The Daily is reporting that Facebook is testing a new classified ad service that could challenge Craigslist and Gumtree head-on. Read More >>

Microsoft Refusing to Sell 18-Rated Games on Windows 8 Marketplace

Microsoft has got itself into a bit of a pickle regarding the direct selling of digital games through its Windows 8 Marketplace, with the result being that no 18-rated titles will be available to buy through its PC store in the UK. Read More >>

Tesco’s Going Head-to-Head With Amazon

Tesco might be the biggest brick and mortar retailer in the UK, but now it wants a piece of the online market that Amazon’s currently dominating. It’s taking to the marketplace-like approach to do it, letting other retailers like Maplin list in its online store, and you’ll still get Club Card points too. Read More >>

Microsoft Abandons Zune Hardware — “No Longer Producing Zune Players”

Microsoft's standalone media-player dream has just died (or become even more dead), with the company confirming earlier rumours that no more Zune players will be made. It's Windows Phone or bust from now on. Read More >>