Marmite Peanut Butter Launches Today

Marmite has surprisingly announced "overwhelming demand" for its spread to be mixed with peanut butter and made into a permanent product line. And that's exactly what it's done. Read More >>

There’s a New Version of Marmite, With Less Salt

Marmite revels in the fact that it's such a divisive product, constantly poking fun at how people never really have mixed feelings about their products. But people have decidely mixed feelings about the newest addition to the family: Marmite Reduced Salt. Read More >>

You Could Win the Chance to Own the World’s Most Expensive Jar of Marmite

The old saying goes that you can't be indifferent to Marmite, you either have to love it or despise it. It's a saying that became popular with terrible people to somehow justify their terrible behaviour, but now you could probably relate it to something else. Read More >>

London Airport Tired of Confiscating Marmite

Staff at London City Airport, the small airport that's really in London and not 140 miles away in Norfolk or Dorset, have revealed the thing that's most commonly seized from the luggage of travellers. It's jars of Marmite, apparently, as the idea of having to eat weird stuff like local fruit and plain yogurt for breakfast in the hotel is simply too much for some to bear. Read More >>

Marmite Isolated as Potential Brain Enhancer

The brown yeast product that lunatics smear on toast has received a staggering PR boost today from academics at the University of York, who say eating a bit of Marmite each day was linked to positive changes in the brain that could turn consumers into more balanced individuals. Read More >>

Brexit Has Now Ruined Beer As Well

In its relentless campaign to make us realise what a bad idea it was to back out of the EU, Brexit has now resulted in Tesco scrapping no less than 31 beer and cider brands because of Leave-prompted price hikes. Read More >>

Does This Marmite Advert Leave a Bad Taste In Your Mouth?

Love it or hate it, you can't deny Marmite is a powerful brand. And when it decided to take a very cheeky poke at some sensitive subjects in its new "End Marmite Neglect" ad campaign, it seemingly ruffled quite a few feathers. 250 in fact. For an ad, in less than 24 hours. Impressive. Read More >>

How Much Is a Jar of Marmite Worth to You? How About £1,800?

Love it or hate it, Marmite is an iconic British staple. Apparently the Kiwis love it too. Unfortunately the factory that produces it in New Zealand had to be shutdown because of an Earthquake, causing the whole country to quickly run dry. Now yeast extract-starved Kiwis are forking out a colossal £1,800 each online. That’s one expensive tub of Marmite. Read More >>