Spacecraft Spots Signs of Standing Body of Water Under Martian Surface

After decades of debate, scientists have spotted hints of liquid water trapped beneath the planet’s south polar ice cap. Read More >>

Enormous Water Ice Deposit Could Help Us Survive on Mars

Future Martian colonists, NASA just found you a reservoir. Frozen beneath a cracked and pitted region in Mars’ mid-northern latitudes lies a sheet of ice with about as much thirst-quenching potential as Lake Superior. Read More >>

These Deep Trenches on Mars Aren’t What We Thought They Were

The surface of Mars is lined with mysterious deep-carved trenches. A long-standing theory suggesting that the were left long ago by flowing rivers was just debunked. So where did these trenches come from? Read More >>

We Just Solved One of the Biggest Mysteries About How Water Flows on Mars

Researchers just uncovered an incredible fact about liquid water on Mars. It’s not just flowing; it’s also boiling. And that discovery also solves one of the major mysteries about the surface of the red planet. Read More >>

Curiosity’s Next Mission Will Focus on Life on Mars

The Curiosity rover was sent up to Mars with the important job of hunting for microbes on the red planet’s surface. Now, that job is done, and Curiosity is getting a new mission—and that mission is all about the past, and future, of life on Mars. Read More >>