NASA Requests Funding for Audacious Plan to Bring Martian Soil to Earth

NASA is officially asking the US Congress to fund a Mars sample-return project, in what would be one of the most complex missions ever attempted by the space agency. Read More >>

Starburst is Opal Fruits Again, For a Short, Glorious Summer

Whatever evil chemical conglomerate is behind the production of Starburst has decided it needs to win over the hearts of the older generation, as it's bringing back the Opal Fruits brand name for those who want everything to be like it was 20 years ago. Read More >>

Elon Musk: A New Life Awaits You in the Off-World Colonies – for a Price

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, who has previously conceded that many of the people whom he desires to send to Mars must be prepared to risk death in the process, has sweetened the deal with the hint of some indentured servitude. Read More >>

NASA Contest to Name Mars Rover Narrows to 155 Student Entries

Judges working for NASA have narrowed the list of possible names for the space agency’s new Mars rover to 155 entries from students in the US – different names that include everything from Dusty and Dreamer to Tenacity and Little Tinker. Whichever student wins the grand prize will get an invitation to see the new Mars rover launch into space at Cape Canaveral in July of 2020. Read More >>

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Concept Art Comes to Life in Sleek Sci-Fi Animation Migrants

High above Mars, the terraformers of short film Migrants go through a well-polished routine, knowing that they’re not preparing for their own futures on the planet, but for children in the generations to come. Read More >>

Watch NASA’s Mars 2020 Rover Roll for the Very First Time

Like parents witnessing their baby’s first precious steps, engineers with NASA’s Mars 2020 mission have driven their fancy new rover for the very first time, in an important test of the space agency’s next Martian explorer. Read More >>

In The Expanse Season 4, Bobbie Embraces a New and Dangerous Life

The Expanse is a show that loves to surprise people. And the only reason the series still exists is because Amazon Prime surprised the world with a renewal after Syfy’s cancellation. But through all the twists, turns, and ring gates, there’s been one constant: Bobbie Draper, the steadfast Martian Marine who would never do anything to jeopardise her honour. At least, until now. Read More >>

Gigantic Dust Towers on Mars Could Explain How the Red Planet Lost its Water

Sprawling towers of dust can reach heights of 50 miles during global-scale dust storms on Mars, according to new research. Acting like a space elevator, the phenomenon might explain how water escaped from the Red Planet during its ancient past. Read More >>

The Location for NASA’s Next Mars Rover Is Even More Intriguing Than We Realised

Satellite observations of Jezero crater on Mars, the chosen landing site for NASA’s next rover mission, have revealed evidence of minerals that are exceptionally good at preserving traces of ancient life, making this an even better place to send the rover than initially thought. Read More >>

Curiosity Finds Mysterious Oxygen Fluctuations on Mars

NASA’s Curiosity rover sniffed out an unexpected seasonal variation to the oxygen on Mars, according to new research. Read More >>

Mars Just Spat Out the InSight Heat Probe

After some hopeful digging, Mars seems to have spat out the InSight heat flow-measuring probe. Read More >>

Major Milestone Reached as NASA’s Mars 2020 Rover Stands on All Six Wheels

Images from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory show its next-gen rover standing on all six wheels for the first time. Read More >>

New Satellite Pics Show Curiosity and InSight Hard at Work on Mars

New images taken by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter are providing fresh views of NASA’s Insight lander and Curiosity rover on the Martian surface. Read More >>

NASA’s Plan to Rescue InSight’s Stuck Heat Probe Appears to Be Working

After being stuck for months, the InSight lander’s heat probe has managed to dig down a few centimetres into the Martian dirt. It’s a positive sign that the probe didn’t hit a rock as engineers originally feared and that a newly devised strategy to remedy the situation is actually working. Read More >>

Would Finding Life on Mars Really Change Anything?

In a recent interview with the Telegraph, NASA chief scientist Jim Green said it’s possible we’ll soon find evidence of life on Mars but that “we’re not prepared for the results.” Green said the discovery would be as world-shaking as the revelation that the solar system doesn’t revolve around Earth. But while finding our first aliens would no doubt be amazing, it’s not a given that it would have any major impact on life on Earth. Read More >>