Google Says It’s Just Too Hard to Come Up With a Name For Android N

Nougat. Nutter Butter. Nutella. Nope. Google just can’t think of a good “n” name for the latest version of Android, so Google wants us to come up with it. What? Google wants us to search for something? Read More >>

Android Marshmallow Isn’t Too Much More Popular Than 2010’s Gingerbread

As annoying as Apple’s smug Android putdowns may be, they’re often bang on the money. Google’s mobile operating system has a long-standing fragmentation problem, and the latest Android Platform Distribution numbers show that the company’s yet to address them. Read More >>

google glass
Someone’s Managed to Install Android 4.4 KitKat on Google Glass

Google Glass may have been pulled last year, but it’s far from dead. The high-tech eyewear still has a wide fanbase, with users determined to help the device reach its full potential. One such fan has managed to install a build of Android 4.4 KitKat on his Google Glass, and he’s promised to release the source code in the near future. Read More >>

Hilariously Late, a 16-Month Old Version of Android is Now Popular

Updates to Google’s Android mobile OS take famously long to roll out to actual consumers, but here’s one stat that really puts things in perspective: 16 months after Google first released Lollipop 5.0, it’s finally the most popular (not by a majority!) version of Android. Read More >>

Man’s Galaxy Note 4 Mysteriously Updates With Android 6.0

A Dutch man with a nice Dutch voice has put a video of his telephone on the internet, with the exciting subtext being it's a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 -- which for some reason has been chosen to be the first and as yet only particular version of this phone in the whole world to receive the over the air update. Read More >>

The Striking Papercraft Designs Behind Google’s Android Marshmallow

Swedish photographer Carl Kleiner contributed some lovely angular, textured wallpapers to Google for use in its Android OS, brightening up the home screens with intersecting bands of colour. Here's how he made them. Read more >> Read More >>

14 Things You Can Do in Android Marshmallow That You Couldn’t Do in Lollipop

Whether you’ve put in an order for a Nexus 6P or you’re patiently waiting for Android version 6.0 to reach your Galaxy S6, you’ll want to know what Marshmallow can do for you. It’s not a dramatic leap forward for Google’s mobile OS, but there are still a number of useful new features you’re going to want to know about. Read More >>

Google’s Getting Serious About Battery Life With the Next Android Version

Android Marshmallow, Google’s latest update to its mobile OS, is already rolling out to a few lucky handsets. With a more general rollout poised to begin, Google is showing it means business when it comes to battery life. Read More >>

Android 6.0 Marshmallow: When’s Your Phone Going to Get the Upgrade?

Another year, another version of Android. Google has introduced its latest mobile operating system, Android 6.0 Marshmallow, and it’s just started rolling out to phones and tablets. Read More >>