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Check Out the Overhead Shots in Films by Martin Scorsese (NSFW)

It’s fairly easy to recognise a film made by Martin Scorsese: there are scenes in slow motion mixed with wonderful long tracking shots. The stories are often about gangsters or corruption or New York, and you can bet De Niro or DiCaprio will be in them. Oh and his movies almost always include overhead shots — or as Jorge Luengo Ruiz, the person who stitched together this video, calls it: “God’s view”. And you know God would definitely watch Scorsese. Read More >>

The Mario Bros. Get a Drug-Fuelled Goodfellas Treatment

Plumbers can only climb so high in Brooklyn — and Mario and Luigi are looking to fly. Read More >>

Hollywood’s Richest Directors Think $50 for a Movie Is Totally Reasonable

Rejoice, world, the plan to use the internet to ensure you never leave the house continues apace. Because a bunch of big Hollywood names are reportedly backing Sean Parker’s “Screening Room,” a project to let you buy movies at home the day they are released in cinemas. Read More >>

I Can’t Wait to See Martin Scorsese’s Version of the 1893 World’s Fair

The Devil in the White City is finally coming to the big screen. According to Deadline, Erik Larson’s 2003 book about a real life serial killer at the 1893 World’s Fair is one step closer to reality, with Martin Scorsese slated to direct and Leonardo DiCaprio to star. Read More >>

Martin Scorsese Likes Siri; Thinks She’s “Going Places”

The latest installment in Apple's arsenal of celebrity Siri promos is here, featuring a very peppy Martin Scorsese headed downtown in a yellow NYC taxi. Marty makes the most of his time alone with his virtual assistant, switching around appointments and consulting her for the downtown traffic report. Read More >>

Martin Scorsese Thinks Taxi Driver Would’ve Made a Great 3D Film

Could Goodfellas and Taxi Driver do with a once-over with the 3D paintbrush? While most of us will be screaming "noooooo!" and jumping up and down waving our arms, Martin Scorsese has fallen for the charms of 3D after shooting Hugo and has said he wants to shoot all his next films in the format. Read More >>