Sobbing Martin Shkreli Sentenced to 7 Years in Prison for Securities Fraud

When “pharma bro” Martin Shkreli spoke with Gizmodo back in September, he told us he wouldn’t spend a single day in prison. Turns out, he was wrong. Read More >>

Martin Shkreli May Have His Wu-Tang Album Taken by the US Department of Justice

Martin Shkreli, the convicted securities fraudster, insufferable troll, and so-called “Pharma Bro” widely loathed for jacking up the price of anti-parasitic drug Daraprim, bought the Wu-Tang clan’s single-copy album Once Upon a Time in Shaolin in 2015, impressively making himself even more widely loathed. It’s possible yet the public will get to hear that album, as the US Department of Justice is demanding Shkreli fork it over as part of a $7.4 million (around £5.4 million) forfeiture, CNBC reported on Friday. Read More >>

Martin Shkreli Suspended From Twitter Following Allegations of Harassment 

Martin Shkreli has been suspended from Twitter. The penalty comes after Shkreli continually harassed the journalist Lauren Duca using the social media platform. Read More >>

Hell Freezes Over as Martin Shkreli Performs a Public Service

Hell has officially frozen over. The Chicago Cubs won the World Series; Donald Tump won the US presidency; and now, internet villain Martin Shrkeli, who’s best known for jacking up the price of HIV/AIDs medication, has performed a public service: He allowed everyone to listen to the only copy of the Wu-Tang Clan’s single-copy album Once Upon a Time in Shaolin. Read More >>

When Martin Shkreli Calls A Pharma Company Out, You Know It Screwed Up

The extensive price hike for a vital, life-saving drug for many with allergies is causing concern among doctors, patients, and politicians—along with a guy responsible for an extensive price hike himself. Read More >>

RZA’s Got a Great Attitude About Selling Wu-Tang’s $2m Album to a Sinister Creep

A very sharp-looking RZA recently sat down with Bloomberg Business to share his feelings about Martin Shkreli buying Wu-Tang’s ultra rare record, Once Upon a Time in Shaolin. Suffice it to say, he doesn’t really give a shit who bought it. It’s art. Read More >>

Sad Supervillain Martin Shkreli Bought That Top Secret Wu-Tang Album

I offer my deepest apologies to Wu-Tang fans. The buyer of Once Upon a Time in Shaolin, a record-slash-art-project of which only a single copy will ever be sold, is now owned by pill price gouger Martin Shkreli. Read More >>