F1 car building
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This Amazing Timelapse Shows You Just How an F1 Car Is Built

Have you ever wondered how an F1 car is actually put together? Slotting the whole structure, gubbins, guts, and gears together like a massive jigsaw puzzle? Watch Marussia build its F1 car for this season from start to finish. It's like the best Lego project you've ever seen, but real. Read More >>

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Did You Know Supercomputers Basically Power Formula 1?

Have you ever wondered how Formula 1 teams improve their cars, from minor tweaks to full-on design revolutions? A supercomputer is behind it all. Well, there are teams of guys who do the simulations, of course, but the 40 Tflop computers do the crunching. Here's what they look like and how it all works. Read More >>