Everything You Need to Know About Marvel’s Legacy Project

There’s been a lot of change at Marvel Comics over the past few years. There was All-New, All-Different. Then there was Marvel Now (err, again). Next up: the company is embarking on yet another major roster shake-up with Marvel Legacyand if you don’t know where to start or how to make sense of it all, we’re here to help. Read More >>

Which Characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe Do You Think Are Secretly Skrulls?

When Marvel head honcho Kevin Feige announced that the Captain Marvel origin film is going to be set in the ‘90s and involve Carol Danvers fighting Skulls, we were surprised and left with a number of burning questions. Where was Carol during the Battle of New York or Ultron’s attack? Also, waiiaminute—did you say Skrulls? Read More >>

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Watching Lego Master Builders Make This Life-Sized Thor: Ragnarok Statue Is Absolutely Mesmerising

The amount of technical and artistic skill that it’s taken to create nearly everything about Thor: Ragnarok from the movie itself to its gorgeous advertisements is almost unimaginable. The same goes for the life-sized Lego Thor that appeared at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. Read More >>

Michelle Pfeiffer Will Play Janet Van Dyne in Ant-Man and The Wasp

Michelle Pfeiffer is returning to the world of superheroes: because the Ant-Man sequel just got a second Wasp in the form of the original hero herself. Read More >>

Captain Marvel Will Be Fighting Skrulls in the ’90s in Her Movie

We still have a long time to wait before Marvel finally brings us the Captain Marvel movie we’ve (I’ve) all been waiting for, but at least we got some new details at studio head honcho Kevin Feige at Comic-Con: She’s going to be fighting the shape-changing aliens the Skrulls, Nick Fury has a major role but more importantly has two eyes, because the movie is set in the ‘90s. Whaaaaaa? Read More >>

Somehow the New Thor: Ragnarok Trailer Is Even Crazier Than the First

The first trailer for Thor: Ragnarok is one of those trailers you never, ever forget. So, the cast and crew had a lot to live up to at Comic-Con, but the new trailer takes care of all of that. It’s a two-and-a-half-minute ball of action, awesomeness, humour, and insanity that may be the most purely fun Marvel movie trailer we’ve ever seen, all courtesy of director Taika Waititi. Guys, Thor and Loki are shooting people with laser guns. Read More >>

Iron Fist Is Getting a New Showrunner and That’s Probably for the Best

Of the many villains that Danny Rand faced in Netflix’s Iron Fist, a case could be there was none greater than Scott Buck, the series’ showrunner, who gave the series an unlikable Danny Rand, too many boring Rand Corporation board meetings, and a dearth of fight scenes that actually looks cool. But it’s just been announced Iron Fist getting a new showrunner for its second season. Read More >>

How The Gifted Connects to the X-Men Movies While Dodging Their Convoluted Timeline

Fox’s first X-Men movie paved the way for the current age of comic book movies that we’re living in. But after 17 years, 10 different movies, one soft, but significant reboot, and a high-concept television show, the live-action X-Men universe got... complicated. But The Gifted executive producer Matt Nix has a clever answer to how his show does actually fit in with the movies—and how all of Fox’s other mutant-centric offerings do, too. Read More >>

The Gifted Comic-Con Trailer Promises a New Kind of X-Men Story

The cast and crew of Fox’s new show set somewhere in the X-Men cinematic/television universe descended upon Comic-Con today with one of the more impressive panels of the week so far and plenty of new information about the series. Read More >>

Inhumans Shows Off New Footage That Raises the Verdict From ‘Bad’ to ‘Meh’

ABC’s newest Marvel show took to the stage at San Diego Comic-Con late in the day Thursday night. The panel ended with a new, extended trailer that has a bit more action and effects, and happily, makes the TV miniseries look a bit less terrible—and finally includes a look at Medusa’s wig—er, hair in action. We have the trailer, and a full report on everything else we saw. Read More >>

Avengers, Assembled

It’s been a crazy weekend of news out of Anaheim, California as Disney rolled into town for D23, giving us updates on everything from theme parks, to animated movies, to a galaxy far, far away. But the craziest of all was the sheer amount of bodies the company put on stage to hype up Avengers: Infinity War. Read More >>

The First Footage From Avengers: Infinity War Blows Away Even Your Wildest Expectations

Marvel Studios just showed a huge chunk of footage from Avengers: Infinity War at the D23 Expo and there almost aren’t words for it. But we’re going to try. Read More >>

This is Your First Look at Avengers: Infinity War’s Thanos

At D23 Expo, going on right now, Marvel unveiled a life-size statue of Thanos as he’ll appear in Avengers: Infinity War. And unlike previous glimpses of the Mad Titan that we’ve seen, this Thanos came dressed to kill. Read More >>

Black Panther Is Cleverly Reimagining One of Its Major Villains To Avoid Racial Stereotypes

When Black Panther hits cinemas next year, we’ll see the king of Wakanda facing off against a number of his classic villains like Ulysses Klaue and Erik Killmonger. But in order to include Man-Ape, one of the Black Panther’s more iconic foes, Marvel had to be thoughtful and get creative. Read More >>

When Luke Cage Returns, Lucy Liu Will Be In Charge

Yes, it’s true. Buzzfeed reports that Lucy Liu, best known for roles in Kill Bill and Charlie’s Angels, is directing the series two premiere of Marvel’s Luke Cage, set to hit Netflix in 2018. Read More >>