Logan Is Beautiful, Sophisticated, and Still a Kick-Ass Superhero Film

Anyone who’s seen the trailers could easily guess that Logan is the best solo Wolverine film, but it’s more than that. It’s a legitimately special film that just happens to star superheroes — a film that wouldn’t be out of place at the Academy Awards. And it’s still just as badass as any Wolverine fan could want. Read More >>

Ben Reilly Will Ditch His Creepy New Scarlet Spider Costume After Just One Story Arc

When Marvel announced that the re-revived Ben Reilly would be getting his own series once more as the Scarlet Spider, the company also revealed that Ben would get a brand new suit to swing around in. It... was a bit off. Its creepy little smile defying all sense of comic book spandex weirded us the hell out. But it won’t be around for long. Read More >>

What the Hell is Marvel’s Generations?

Marvel has just released a gorgeous piece of Alex Ross artwork with a simple tagline: “Generations — coming summer 2017.” That’s it. But what the hell is it? It’s time to start speculating. Read More >>

Star-Lord and Thor Get Their Own Excellent, Reasonably Priced Role-Play Gear

At last year’s Toy Fair Hasbro made it a lot easier for Marvel fans to live out their superhero fantasies without requiring an Avengers-sized budget. The company’s detailed but affordable role-play line is expanding this year with two new accessories for Thor fans, and those who wish they could join the Guardians of the Galaxy. Read More >>

New Concept Art Shows Off Black Panther’s Wakanda and Thor: Ragnarok’s Villain Hela

Included on the Doctor Strange digital release are a couple of looks at the upcoming Black Panther and Thor: Ragnarok movies. These looks are in the form of concept art, which almost entirely focuses on the technologically impressive capital of Wakanda and people who want to hurt Thor. Read More >>

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Thor Continues Being a Terrible Roommate in the First Look at Team Thor, Part 2

Darryl and Thor are back, and I can’t lie—I’m currently more excited to see the rest of this short right now than I am Thor: Ragnarok itself. Read More >>

Even DC Actor Laurence Fishburne Knows Marvel Is Kicking DC’s Arse

Laurence Fishburne got a phone call to come out and make an appearance in Justice League as Daily Planet editor Perry White, but he was too busy washing his hair. He’s said it was a scheduling issue, but there could be another, more juicy reason. According to Fishburne, DC’s kind of blowing it. Read More >>

Holy Crap, This Avengers: Infinity War Teaser Will Give You Goosebumps

In Avengers: Infinity War, the Avengers are going to meet the Guardians of the Galaxy. We all more or less knew that, but to hear Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige come out and say it in this brand new teaser video will make the hairs on your arm stand up straight. Read More >>

Marvel Studios Is Perfectly Okay With Its Villain Problem

Even fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe will admit, for the most part, the villains have been lacking. Yes, Loki was awesome. So awesome he was used in not one, but three films. But Iron Monger, Malekith, Ronan, Zemo, Yellowjacket, and almost everyone else has been underwhelming in some way, a trend that will purposefully continue in some upcoming Marvel films before changing in a big, big way. Read More >>

Danny Rand Discovers He Can’t Go Home Again in a Giant New Iron Fist Trailer

In this new, extended trailer for Netflix’s upcoming Iron Fist TV series, Harold Meachum (David Wenham) asks, “Why did he wait this long to show up? Where the hell did he learn martial arts?” These are very valid questions. Read More >>

Rocket Raccoon’s New Comic Series Is a Scifi Heist Caper

Although the Guardians are currently stuck on Earth, in a few months, at least some of them will be jetting out into space. Rocket Raccoon in particular is heading out on his own for the simpler pleasures in life — meeting interesting people in exotic locales — and then robbing them blind. Read More >>

Marvel Has Found its Live Action Cloak and Dagger

Say hello to the latest live action Marvel heroes: up-and-coming actors Aubrey Joseph and Olivia Holt have been cast in the title roles for Freeform’s long-in-gestation Cloak and Dagger series. Read More >>

It’s Officially Easier to Count the Marvel Characters Who Aren’t in Infinity War

There are characters from movies not even out yet who are being added to Avengers: Infinity War. At this point, if you are in the MCU and you haven’t been asked to show up in Infinity War, I would really worry. Read More >>

DC and Marvel Both Shake Up Their Digital Comics Plans

For the past few years, DC has had an ongoing project to “draw the line” at keeping many of its comics at the $2.99 price point (£2.44) but for a bulk of its DC Rebirth titles, that line is about to be crossed. The reason for crossing it, however, is at least a somewhat positive one. Read More >>

Marvel’s Rogue One Comic Adaptation Will Include Material Not Seen in the Movie

It’s obvious at this point that there is enough Rogue One footage not seen in the film to basically make a completely different film... or, as the case may be, to include as bonus material in ancillary Rogue One products for years to come. It sounds like Marvel’s upcoming comic adaptation of the film might be taking some of that material. Read More >>