There Are Really Only 2 Episodes from Iron Fist’s Second Season You Have To Watch

Even though we thought there were a surprising amount of things to like about Iron Fist’s second season, in the weeks since it dropped on Netflix, more than a few people have asked whether they should invest the time in watching the entire thing. The answer, unsurprisingly, is complicated. Read More >>

A Vengeful Daredevil Returns for Season 3 This October

Matty’s back. And more beat up than ever before, which is saying something given that The Defenders literally dropped an entire building on him. Read More >>

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The Star Wars Galaxy Can’t Stop Murdering Rogue One Characters

Beneath the murky patina of its war movie aesthetic, Rogue One is ultimately a film about the power of hope, an idealistic legacy that Star Wars has long championed. But it also feels like its immediate legacy more relates to the fact that the movie managed to kill off its primary cast, because Star Wars media can’t help but carry on that bloodlust. Read More >>

Looks Like the Spider-Man Comics Are Going to Use a Great Idea From the New Video Game

Marvel’s Spider-Man is a great game, in part because of the way it pushes and pulls familiar characters from Spidey’s comics universe in new and intriguing ways. And it turns out, one of those particular twists is also going to happen in the Amazing Spider-Man comic later this year. Read More >>

Report: Loki and Scarlet Witch Could Get Their Own Shows on Disney’s Streaming Service

Disney really, really wants you to sign up for its upcoming streaming service, and part of the plan to get you to do so could involve two stars of the Marvel movieverse. Read More >>

All the Cosmic Secrets We Uncovered in the Stunning Captain Marvel Trailer

It’s here! Captain Marvel has finally landed, before immediately blasting off again with a fantastic looking first trailer. Aside from looking great, the trailer also gives us our first good look at both the cosmic and earthly lives of Carol Danvers, and a hint of the threat’s she’s going to face. Here’s what we could find. Read More >>

Erik Killmonger, Who Was Right, is the Star of a New Comics Series

Following in the industry trend of releasing a slew of limited series comics designed to capitalise on the box office success of live-action movies, Marvel’s just announced an all-new miniseries about the early life of Black Panther’s central villain. Read More >>

Captain Marvel’s Triumphant First Trailer Shoots for the Stars

It’s nearly four years to the day since Marvel announced Captain Marvel was going to be part of its Cinematic Universe. Since we’ve waited, civil wars have been fought, Thanos has come and culled half of existence, and little by little we’ve had teases of her arrival. And now we finally have our first look at her in action. Read More >>

The Painful Poetry of My Favourite Daredevil Comics

In the 1980s, Marvel Comics editor Denny O’Neil had a problem: superstar writer Frank Miller was leaving Daredevil, the book he turned into a runaway sales hit. O’Neil had to find someone to write the book after Miller’s red-hot run. Ultimately, he started scripting the Man Without Fear’s book himself, turning out my favourite run on Marvel’s blind superhero. Read More >>

The Comic Book History Behind the New Spider-Man Game’s Unlockable Suits

There’s a lot to do in Marvel’s Spider-Man. Fight crime! Take pictures of famous landmarks (and yourself, doing cool things)! Unwittingly aid a surveillance state! But on top of all those, you can also unlock tons of suits from across Spidey’s history. Some are from movies, some are new to the game, but most have comic book roots and Gizmodo has put together a video and a post to explain them all to you. Read More >>

Thanos Faces Horror’s Most Iconic Villains in This Killer Photo

Even with the help of the Guardians of the Galaxy, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes couldn’t defeat Thanos. But maybe a bloodier solution would do the trick. What if five icons of horror decided to battle the Mad Titan instead? Read More >>