We Asked Corey Taylor to Listen to the Internet’s Best and Worst Slipknot Mashups

If the internet has one positive attribute, it’s that it connects people: coworkers building the future together; families living on opposite sides of the world; future lovers flirting over instantaneous chat programs; and, late last week, Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor and me. Read More >>

Guitar Hero Is Now a Yu-Gi-Oh-Style Card Game For Aspiring DJs

Harmonix is best known for video games like Guitar Hero, Rock Band, and cluttering up your living room with fake plastic instruments. Its next music game, however, trades guitars and drum sets for collectible cards that has aspiring DJs competing to remix songs — like playing Yu-Gi-Oh in the club. Read More >>

Perfect Classical Music Mashup Merges 52 Famous Songs Into One Amazing Track

In this brilliant mashup of classical music, Grant Woolard manages to turn 52 masterpieces from 31 famous composers into a single track that anyone, even those who claim to hate classical music, will end up playing on repeat for days to come. [YouTube via Neatorama] Read More >>

At Least 2016 Gave Us This Brilliant Daft Punk/Beastie Boys Mashup Album

There are rumours Daft Punk will go on tour again, but will we ever see a new album from the duo? It’s uncertain. The passing of Adam Yauch in 2012 also marked the end of the Beastie Boys, but thanks to an artist named Coins, a new album featuring Daft Punk and Beastie Boy mashups has lots for fans of either group to love. Read More >>

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If Star Wars Was Set in Jurassic Park

Mashing up two wonderful things into one ridiculously wonderful thing should be the constant goal of mankind. That's how we got smartphones. And gummy bears infused with alcohols. And designer drugs. One Minute Galactica imagined what would happen if we mashed up Star Wars and Jurassic Park and they came up with Jurat-at Park. I've watched both movies so many times that it's a no brainer that I would totally watch this movie. [Slacktory] Read More >>